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May 9, 2011

Mother's Day GNO

Top:  Pola, Marie, Me
Bottom: Leka, Leslie, Mom
Every year for Mother's Day, my sisters and I all get together with our mom for a sort of Mother's Day GNO......just a time every year that we can get away from the husbands and kids and spend some much needed girl time with each other.  This year we met up on Wednesday at the South Towne mall to get mani/pedi's......they had a special going on where you could get the deluxe pedicure for only $20.....that included wax, hot stones, massage, everything was included......it was so much fun!  Pola wanted to get her nails filled, so she did that while the rest of us got pampered in the pedicure chair.

Marie letting the hot wax mold to her feet.....felt so nice!

My beautiful toes.....hahaha

And our finished products....we all went for bright colors, with the flower of course!

Pola's animal fingernails.......ROAR!!  hahaha

When we were done with our mani/pedi's.....we were trying to decide where to get some dinner....as we walked out of the mall, we saw the Texas Roadhouse right there in the mall parking lot.....yummy, that sounded so good!!  We all agreed that that would be the spot!  Their food is DELISH.....if you've never eaten there before (and you're a steak or ribs fan) you've gotta go there!  There food is amazingly delicious!

Before we went into the restaurant, I surprised them with a little homemade treat......caramel apples dipped in white chocolate and oreos, or in white chocolate and cinnamon/sugar! 

After dinner, we wanted to catch a movie......we all ended up at the District with tickets to watch the new movie Water for Elephants.  I didn't really know what to expect from the movie, never heard of it or the book the movie is based on, but honestly....the movie was awesome!  There were some parts in the movie that pissed me off, and some parts that made me cry.......but doesn't all those emotions in a movie mean the movie is good??!!  I really liked it!  Crazy to think it was based on a true story and to see how life was back in the times of the great depression.

After the movie, it was almost midnight so we said our goodbye's and headed home.  It was a successful and fun night with my mom and sisters. 

I love these women so much and am constantly reminded of how grateful I am for them.  They are always there for me whenever I need them, and they love me unconditionally!  I'm so grateful for my mom.  She's been working ever since I can remember.  My Dad owns his own construction business, and so at times when his business wasn't doing so well, or when it was winter and there was no work, she always stepped up to the plate and did what she needed to to support our family.  I don't know of a woman that works harder than she does.  She's been a great example to me of hard-work and dedication and also the importance of going to school and getting a degree.  My sisters, Leslie & Marie, are the best mother's....I watch how they are with their kids and I try to learn from their examples.  Leslie is constantly running around from dance to gymnastics to anything and everything to support her kids.  She's such a great example to me of motherhood.  My little sister is too!  I honestly think her role in life was to be a mother.  It amazes me how she can take all 6 of her kids (all 9 and under) to church and have them all sit reverently and listen.  I have a hard time with my three....but she's got six and one on the way.  I admire both my sisters very much and am grateful for their love and examples!  My little sister Leka is the best!  All the kids love her because she loves them so much.  She's the Aunty that always gets down on the ground to roll around with the kids, she plays hard with them just as if she was a kid herself.  She cleans and cooks, she never complains.  Love her!  Then there's my sis-in-law Pola.....who just found out she's expecting.  Yay!!  I've been blessed with such wonderful women in my life and I am grateful!

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how nice, sounds like so much fun..Mother/Daughter/Sister time is the funnest :)