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February 27, 2013

Uma & No-no

Baby Katea had reached another milestone!  She's starting to talk more and more.  With the talking, you can see her little personality and it's so cute!  Her favorite words right now are uma and no-no.  Every morning we wake up to her climbing on us saying ummmmaaaaaaaa and kissing us on our cheeks.  It's the cutest thing.  She umas all day long, and she makes the uma sound where she drags the ending A out for a while. LOL.  If she gets into trouble and she knows it because we've told her no-no....like if she puts something in her mouth or touches something she know she shouldn't be touching, she'll crawl over to you and give you a big uma....and how can you stay upset after that?  Haha.  Ova and I laugh at how smart she is.  How she knows when she needs to uma and at how after she uma's you if she knows she's in trouble, she'll lay her head on you as if to hide or hug you.  She's too cute!

The second thing she's been saying lately is no-no.  And she does it with her finger in the air and all.  She understands and knows when she's supposed to use that word and she says it to her brothers all the time.  Hahaha. 

Like I said before, she's amazing.  Every little bit of progress she makes is a huge celebration for us because we know and understand how amazing it is that she's even alive, let alone progressing and doing so well.  She's amazing.  Our little miracle.  We are blessed!

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sarah said...

Yay Katea! I love when kids learn uma, it's the cutest thing! :)