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February 9, 2013

Suliana Shower

My little brother is blessing his second child and my other little brother (Ova's brother) is getting ready to have his first.  Time is flying and people are growing up too fast!  Sau and Suliana got married last year in February and they are expecting their baby girl within the next couple weeks!  Sau.....well, how can I describe him?  He's such a proud dad and their baby isn't even born yet!  LOL.  As the date of the shower was getting closer and closer, he kept bugging Ova and the other brothers to come to the shower....he was telling them it was for girls and boys, and that he really wanted them to come.  I'm sure it was just because he didn't want to be the only guy there....cause you know he wouldn't miss it for the world.  LOL.  Ova and Jr did end up going, but they just stayed in the kitchen helping us keep our dessert table nice and full.

The shower was so nice.  Tina and I worked together with Suliana's mom and sister to put it together and it turned out beautifully.  We had bread bowl soups to eat and lots of desserts.......Alice, Siosiana and I came up with a game each.  It was beautifully decorated and everyone had fun mingling with everyone that was there.   Poor Suliana was so uncomfortable the whole time, you could just tell she was so ready to get her out......haha....oh the joys of being pregnant!  :)

Suliana opened all her presents and this was the cutest gift there.  Lola Marie and Sheena made if for Sau, it's the "Daddy Diaper Duty" tool belt with everything he needs to prepare him to change those diapers.  Sau wore that belt the whole rest of the shower....and he was proud to wear it!  Haha

After the shower when Suliana was thanking everyone for coming, Sau was standing right next to her with his hand out, ready to grab the microphone from her so he could say a few words too.  He thanked everyone for coming and he said that he knows that showers are not usually for guys, but he is just so excited to be a dad that he didn't want to miss it.  He is such a proud daddy and his baby girl is not even born yet, but she's got him wrapped around her little finger.  He's going to be such a good dad.  I'm so happy for them! 
 All the sisters, just missing Kiki
 With the little Fangupo girls

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