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February 27, 2013

Fangupo Grandchild #20

Meet my beautiful niece....
Susana Fisi'ihone Fangupo
(Named after Suliana's mom)
Born February 12, 2013
7lbs. 5oz.
19 1/2 inches long
lots and lots of black hair
Suliana got admitted the afternoon of the 11th, and baby Susana took her sweet time to get here.  I was working graveyard shift that night and Sau kept texting me the updates.  He was so excited!  After a long labor, she was finally born the morning of the 12th.  Sau is in heaven.  His little princess is finally here!  She's so beautiful and practically perfect in every way!  She makes grandkid #20 for Ova's parents.  We're so excited that she's finally here and that she's part of our family.  Can't wait to see her grow up.  Sau's been saying since she was born that he can't believe she's here and that she's his.  Having kids can change you and make you a better person.  It definitely changes your perspective on life and your priorities.  You'll never be as proud, worried, tired, protective or emotional as you've ever been in your life when you become a parent.....but parenthood is such a blessing, it's what life is all about!  Parenthood has blessed my life greatly, and I'm so happy that Sau and Suliana are now in the club! :)
Happy Birthday Susana!

1 day old

1 Week Old
2 Weeks Old
I was feeling crafty, and I got this subway art idea off pinterest, so I made her her own little birthdate keepsake, so she'll always remember her stats!  Love you baby Sana!


pwincessdi said...

How cute! That tile thing u made is way cute! Ur so sweet!

sarah said...

I love her birthdate keepsake! You're so creative :) Such a beautiful baby!!!