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February 11, 2013

Rheumatology Follow-up

Ova's health has made huge strides in the right direction, and I am so grateful for that!  He still can't walk completely on his own, he needs the support of his crutches, but he's able to go out and about and do the things that he hasn't been able to do for so long.  I've been making sure he keeps up with his medications and that we go to all his appointments, and I have hope that we'll be able to finally one day not have to worry about it coming back and happening again.  The only real thing that worries me is that even though the medications that they are "trying out" on him are working.....why can't they give us a definite diagnosis?  It's very frustrating, the not knowing, but we are focusing on the positive and the fact that he is walking and whatever they are doing is working and helping him!

We had a follow-up appointment today with the rheumatologist.  He just wanted to see how Ova was doing, to see if the plan he had put together was working and to see what direction we needed to go to help him continue to get better so he'll be able to walk without assistance.  The first time we went to see him, I pushed Ova in the wheelchair.  Back in November, he wasn't physically able to put any pressure at all on his feet.  This time he walked in on his own with his crutches.  That's a HUGE improvement!  The first thing Dr. Kunkle did when he walked in the room was look around for the wheelchair.  He was so happy to see the crutches instead of the wheelchair.  That meant that we were doing something right!

He started with his exam and checked the pain level in his hands and arms...
 Then his knees and feet...

He was really happy with the progress Ova has made in the past few months.  When we first came in in November, he was in so much pain that Dr. Kunkle almost couldn't even get through the exam.  This time was much better.  Since the medications he gave him were working, he didn't want to change anything.  He suggested that since Ova can move now, that he try to be more active.  Try to walk more or exercise more.  He said that his pain was probably even worse because he had been immoblie for so long.  If he uses his joints and loosens them, hopefully the pain would continue to go away until he'd be pain free and be able to walk without his crutches or any support at all.  He filled Ova's prescriptions, sent him to get more lab work done and had us schedule another follow-up appointment in a couple months.  I'm so grateful that finally something is being done about his pain....hopefully we can continue in the right direction and get rid of it once and for all!

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