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February 16, 2013

Monster Jam 2013

I got some discount tickets to the Monster Jam that came into town.....we'd never been to anything like that before, so I asked Ova if we could take the kids.  We thought the boys would enjoy that, so we made a family day out of it! 

It was at the Energy Solutions Arena and it was a lot of fun!  Just the thing I knew my boys would love!  Big monster trucks running over and smashing cars and throwing dirt everywhere!  My boys were having so much fun, all my boys, even Ova! :)  It was super loud in the arena.....so loud that they were actually passing out ear plugs when we got there.   There were some people who brought big old ear muffs to cover their ears....we were unprepared, so we just used the little ones that go inside your ears. LOL  Lautala was scared to death....every time they would rev up their engines, she would cringe and squeeze my hand.....she didn't let go of my hand the whole time we were there, until she got her big old buckey of popcorn LOL.  She probably would have been fine not going with us, because it was totally more of a boy thing.... but I wanted her to come! LOL

They had four wheelers and dirt bikes that raced around the track several times, and then during their free style, they used these ramps to fly through the air, and they did flips and stunts....it was so cool!  The monster trucks were competeing with each other for who could jump the farthest and highest, and during their free style, it was who was the most entertaining!  Gramma Tea bought them a monster truck for Christmas a couple years ago, the Grave Digger, and they love that truck, they used to sit on it and drive it all over the house!  They, of course, were cheering for Grave Digger to win....and they were so happy when it did!

It was a lot of fun, and a nice way to spend some quality time with our kids!

After the Monster Jam, we decided we wanted to go watch a movie.  We went to the affordable theatre on Redwood and 90th and watched The Hobbit.  That was a bad idea!  Everyone, except me and Mone slept through the whole thing. Haha!  It had been a LONG day and going to a long movie wasn't smart hahaha!  I had to keep waking Ova up because he started snoring too loud LOL.  I went and bought popcorn so they could try and stay awake, but they woke up to eat some and then went right back to sleep. hahaha.

After the movies, everyone was hungry so we decided to head to one of our most favorite places to eat, HoHo's.  It's a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in downtown Salt Lake and it is the bomb!  The food is so delicious, I haven't tasted anything there that I don't like!  It's so good!  We ordered our food and pigged out.  Everything was so delicious!  There was tons of food left over so we took it home for Tea, Ma and Ashlee to eat. 

Waiting for our food to come, we decided to take some pictures LOL

It was a great day, a long full day spent with our family.  I'm so glad we take these opportunities to do things with our kids.  I know it's not necessary to spend lots of money, but every once in a while when the opportunity presents itself and you have the resources, I say why not?  There's noone I'd rather spend my time and money on!  :)  I'm so blessed!  Love my little family!

I really wanted to take baby Katea too, but it was so cold and I didn't want to risk taking her to a place where I knew there would be tons of people.  I ended up being really glad I left her at home because there was so much dust and dirt in the air from the monster trucks, and it was freezing cold!  Someday really soon, her little lungs will strengthen enough that she'll be able to go everywhere and do everything with us.  For now, I'm so grateful for Gramma Tea who is always more than willing to take care of her little namesake so we can take our other kids out.  Like I said, BLESSED!

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sarah said...

What a fun day! I love HoHo's too, it's so good! And that last picture of you and your princess is beautiful :)