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December 29, 2012

Look who's crawling....YAY!

December 29, 2012.....baby Katea is 15 months 3 days old.......and................she hit a HUGE milestone today and I'm so so proud of her!  She started..........................

I'm not talking like the army crawl, or rolling, or scooting herself around.....she's actually up on all fours, crawling!  She's been able to get herself around for a while now, but it's been army crawling or rolling over and over again until she got where she wanted.  She used to even sit on her little butt and scoot herself around....but now she's a big girl and she's accmomplised another goal we set for her and reached another milestone!  She's a little wobbly still, but that's because she just barely started.....she's only going to get better from here!  She can even push herself to sitting from the crawling position and get into the crawling position from the sitting position.  That is so HUGE and I'm so proud of her!  Way to go my little miracle Katea, you are AMAZING!

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sarah said...

Yay! Go Katea!!! :)