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December 20, 2012

Guess who's a BIG girl now???

That's right, Lautala is not a baby anymore.....she doesn't need diapers!  Yay!  A couple weeks before she turns 3 years old and she's finally fully potty trained!  She is such a smart little girl, too smart and too much attitude for her age, but for some reason she just wouldn't potty train.  She would always come and tell us "you need to change me, my diaper is really wet" or "mommy, I just pooped, you need to change my diaper"  It drove me absolutely crazy that she could tell me to change her, but she couldn't use the toilet.  It wasn't that she was scared, it wasn't that she couldn't......she was just lazy and she chose not to...little stinker!  LOL.  My boys were super duper easy to potty train, they both pretty much trained themselves and once they wore underwear, they never had an accident.  Tala was a lot more challenging to potty train.  I would take her to the toilet and she would sit on there and then tell me she was done (when nothing happened)  then she would get off the toilet and she would pee in her underwear.  Uugghh.  I tried giving her a cold shower, but that didn't work either.  Ova and I would get so frustrated with her because she's so smart and she should be able to do it.  Was she just so smart with everything else and dumb with using the toilet? LOL, it was looking that way.

Well one night while I was at work, Ova was watching a movie with her and I guess there were spiders in the movie.  That night when they were sleeping, she woke up screaming and crying....saying there were spiders in her diaper.  She was totally having a nightmare.  As sad as it is to say....I'm so glad she had that nightmare because ever since then, she doesn't want to wear diapers....only her princess underwear. LOL

Ova took her diaper off, and put her underwear on and she has never once had an accident since, she even stays dry throughout the night! 

Yay for only having to buy one size of diapers again!  Yay for only having to change one stinky butt!  LOL

Good job Tala girl!  I'm proud of you my little princess :)  I'm sad you're growing up so fast, but I'm super duper happy that you don't need anymore diapers!  Yay!

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sarah said...

Yay! Cutting out the expense of even one kids diapers is such a great feeling :)