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December 13, 2012

Kindergarten Christmas Program

Mone has been so super duper excited for his Kindergarten Christmas program that he's been preparing for all month!  He reminded me several times of when it was and wanted to make sure I was going to be there.  I told him of course, I wouldn't miss it for anything!  :)

Today was the day of his program and it was such a great night!  Ova was feeling good enough to go with us and that made our night even better!  He's been bed ridden for so long now that we've missed him not getting to do things like this with us.  The rheumatologists couldn't quite figure out what was wrong with his as far as a diagnosis, even after they met with the board.  They just see lots and lots of arthritis in all his joints, especially in his feet and knees.  They started him on 5 different medications and just told him to take them faithfully and told us to be patient for them to work.  They reassured us that they would help us get him out of pain.  They referred us to PM&R which is an orthopedic specialist to get another opinion.  PM&R stands for Pain management and recovery.  We had an appointment with them and told us that he has never in all his years of working in orthopedics seen that much arthritis in any one person.  He showed us the x-ray, (which I couldn't really see anything on it), but he was explaining to us that there is so much arthritis that you almost can't even see the joints.  It's not rheumatoid because that looks different on x-rays, and it's not lupus or gout because you can also distingush those.  He's got osteoarthritis and A LOT of it.  He suggested Ova get cortizone shots and worst case scenario surgery to fuze all his joints together and scrape out the arthritis.  Those are solutions we need to be aware of in case the medications they started him on don't work.  In those 5 medications he's taking steriods, anti-inflammitory meds, and pain meds.  He started taking the medications in November when we first saw the rheumatologist, and thankfully they're helping!  He's still got a LONG way to go, and he's still in a lot of pain, but he can actually get off the bed, get himself around using the walker or the crutches, and he can do things with us!  Yay! 

We all got ready and headed to Mone's Christmas program.  He was standing in the back....because he's the biggest kid in kindergarten :)....but he sand the loudest.  You could hear his voice over all the other kids, it was so cute!

With his Kindergarten buddy Carson
And his amazing teacher Mrs. Lawson!

Then to celebrate his awesome job, we went to get some ice cream at Leatherby's!
Today was a GREAT day!
Good job Filimone!
Nothing beats family time & ice cream!  :)

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sarah said...

You have such a beautiful family! I've been to so many of those Christmas programs for all my nieces and nephews and I love how all the kids sing their little hearts out :) Glad to hear your husband is feeling a little better!