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December 11, 2012

AMRG Christmas Party 2012

AMRG's company Christmas party was Vegas themed this year.  It was such a good time!  They held it at Noah's, which is a nice little reception hall and they went all out.  They had casino/card tables set up along both sides of the building and when you walked in, they gave you a ticket that was worth $1000 in chips.  You could take the chips and play to try and win more.  At the end of the night you had to buy raffle tickets with your winnings at $500 per ticket.  Then everybody put their raffle tickets in the drawing and they gave out prizes.  It's said that there were $5000 worth of prizes there, but everything was gift wrapped so I'm not sure what they gifts were, and we didn't win :(  LOL.

The picture above was our table decorations, and Ova was lucky winner that got to take that lovely giant margarita glass full of jelly beans home!  :)

They had a bar set up at the entrance with a bunch of different cocktails (all virgin of course) and they had a buffet appetizer bar set up for people to help themselves while they were gambling.

For dinner they had a buffet with tons of delicious food.  They had everything from salad to veggies, chicken, fish and prime rib.  They had a dessert bar of crepes and raspberry cheesecake, it was so good!  We ate, and A LOT.  It was so yummy!

It was nice seeing everyone that I work with, outside of the work environment.  Everyone had their spouses and they were dressed up all fancy.  I was so happy that Ova was able to go with me.  I enjoyed myself so much more just having him there!  :) 

After dinner they did the raffle drawing and then they gave out awards and prizes.  If there's one thing I can say about this company, it's that they care about and take care of their employees!   All the head honchos, the president, COO, CFO, all the executives got up to say a few words.  They all thanked us for our hard work and told us about the goals they have set for us for the future.  Joe, the owner of AMRG gave an amazing talk.  He's just an amazing person.  If you saw him on the street, you'd never know that he's a multi-millionaire who owns several different companies....you'd never know that because he doesn't look the part.  He doesn't let his position rule him, he's genuinely a good person.  In fact, when we first got there we sat at a table toward the back of the room so Ova didn't have to walk too far because his feet were hurting him.  Joe came over to welcome us and to meet Ova.  At work he's constantly coming into dispatch to ask us what's going on or just to talk.  He's the president/owner of the company, but he makes time for all his employees.  In the speech he gave before the end of the party, he talked about how much the company has grown and how amazing it has been for him to see and be a part of it.  He told us that his main goal was to keep the family feel.  He didn't want the growth to cause separation in departments or employees.  He doesn't want anyone to feel like they're better than anyone else, he doesn't want any backstabbing.  He said that his main goal is to keep the company the way it is.  Keep the family feel to it.  Ova and I left amazed at his words.  Here's a guy, who's company is growing right before his eyes, who's main concern is his employees and making sure we're all getting along and we all have a nice work environment.  He said the success of a company is based on it's employees.  If an employee loves their job and feels appreciated, they will work harder and be more effective.  He's amazing and I'm so blessed to have landed this job when I did.  I've been here for 4 months now and I absolutely love it!  I love the people I work with and I love what I do.  The mixture of medical with flight are my two passions and I'm so grateful for my job!

Before we left there, Joe reminded us not to forget to take two things with us.  One was our Christmas bonus and the other was his gift to us.  He did not spare any expense.  Let's just say that I walked out of that Christmas party with almost $500 more than I had when I got there.  I am so blessed!  This is a job I love, and a job I'll be at for a very very very long time!

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