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September 30, 2012

Over the hump! Yay!

She showed major improvement over the past couple days!

On day 4 at Primarys, they were able to wein her down to 10L @ 55%....she still was on the continuous albuterol and they just kept her sedated and sleeping.  They don't want her to pull out her NJ tube, especially since her IV went bad and if she pulled it out, they'd have to try and find another vein so they could give her fluids.  She was out of it pretty much all day long.

I took advantage of her sleeping so much and ran home and picked up my kids from school.  I had scheduled a sibling class for them at the hospital and I thought I'd take them out to lunch before we headed up to it.  My kids are so great.  They are all patient and loving and they understand that baby needs me.  They pray every day, every prayer for her and everytime I walk into the house after I've been gone they ALWAYS run to me screaming "mommy, mommy" and they jump all over me giving me hugs and kisses.  All 3 of them do that and I absolutely LOVE it!  I have such great kids!  :)

The sibling class was awesome, and I'm so glad I took them.  The social worker took us into a room and explained everything medical that is happening to their sister.  She had little dolls there and she showed them how to do an IV, and what it's for.  How the oxygen works, what the monitors measure and what it means when they beep.  She let them ask any questions they wanted and she answered them so that they could understand.  It was very helpful and I think they really enjoyed it.

After the class was done, she gave each of them one of the dolls and some markers and told them they could draw faces on the dolls.  This was Makai's.......LOL.....as soon as I saw it I started laughing.  Can you say UTAH fan??!!  LOL

We went in and visited with baby Katea for a little bit after the class, but she was sleeping and my kids got bored.  I had to think of a plan B so they wouldn't start touching things they weren't supposed to, so I took them to the 3rd floor to the awesome playroom they have up there to let them play.  They were there for quite a while just playing and drawing and making different crafts.  I left them there with the volunteer staff for a minute while I went to check on baby Katea and when I got to her room, Gramma Kesa and Grampa Kina were there with her.....baby Katea was awake and being held by Gramma.  There were no smiles from her though LOL.
In that picture above, they were trying a different high flow canula....I think they said it was an adult one....they thought it might stay in her nose better....that only lasted like 30 minutes and they went right back to the one she had been using.

By that night they had her down to 6 1/2L @ 40%.  She had finally gotten over the hump and was on her way to getting better!  Yay!  I had high hopes of her getting to move to the infant floor, but unfortunatly it's not going to happen today.  Her oxygen levels are ok, but she's got to be able to eat and keep her food down.  She hasn't had food in her stomach for so long that the little amounts they've tried to feed her, she's thrown right back up.  She'll get it though, I bet we'll get to move to the floor tomorrow!  :)

Good job baby girl....you're taking steps in the right direction....my little fighter, I love you!

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