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September 14, 2012

Filimone is SIX!

My little man finally turned 6!  He's too smart for his age......and too BIG for his age too....LOL.  He's been excited to have his birthday for a long time because turning 6 not only meant that he'd get to start school, it meant he'd get to have his birthday party he's been asking for since he turned 5 LOL.  All Mone wanted to do for his birthday was to go to the hotel.  He actually asked me if he could take all his cousins, boys and girls, and sleep at the hotel for a whole week.  Hahaha....nice try buddy!  I told him we could invite only his first cousins, only boy cousins, that were older than 5, and we could stay for one night.....and they could swim and watch tv and eat pizza......I told him it would be awesome, that I'd try to get a really nice hotel for him.....he was ok with that and was super excited!  :)

These invites were made and sent to his boy cousins.....and we were ready to get the party started!  :)

His birthday is actually on Sept 7th, but since I was working all weekend that weekend.....we pushed it back a week and had his slumber hotel party on the 14th!

I must say this was a super fun, super cool and super easy birthday party.  We hoped all the boys would have been able to make it, but a couple of them had football games early Saturday morning, so they couldn't stay overnight.  We ended up with only 6 boys....and I brought Lautala with me to be my little sidekick :)

Everyone met at my house and we headed to the dollar store.  I told everyone they could pick out two candies.......but that didn't work out so well......they had two candies each, plus drinks and toys....so like $40 later we finally left the dollar store.  LOL. 

We checked into the hotel, and it was perfect!  We had a two bedroom suite at the Residence Inn Marriott....you walk in to a living room, on the left there is one room and on the right another....me and Tala claimed the room on the right and the boys the one on the left.  There was a kitchen and a fireplace....a tv in each room and in the living room.  It was perfect.  The boys oh'd and awe'd over the hotel for a little bit and then they were ready to go swimming. 

We spent a good 4 hours in the swimming pool.  And we had the whole pool to ourselves!
Lautala being fielelei fell because she was running on the wet floor....haha
After swimming for 4 hours, we went back to the room starving!  I ordered pizza hut to be delivered to our room!  The rest of the night was spent eating pizza, candy....watching cartoons and talking!  3 boys slept in the room on the left, 3 slept in the living room on the couch that's a pull out bed....and Tala girl and I slept in the room on the right!

Bright and early in the morning, we all woke up and went to breakfast......which was free at the hotel!  Score!  After breakfast they all wanted to go swimming again....so that's what we did.  We had to check out of the hotel at noon, so they swam until 1130.  LOL.  Down to the very last minute! 

What a fun, easy way to celebrate a birthday!  Not much planning on my part, but tons of fun for the kids!

Happy Birthday Filimone.....we love you so much!  :)

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Mua said...

Haha at the invites! Love the boy party, they must've had a blast. Happy belated birthday Filimone! Love you fatso!