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September 14, 2012

Girly girl

I had a date day with my girls today.  Just me and my little princesses.  We went to the mall and pierced baby Katea's ears.  She's turning one soon and I've been wanting to pierce them for a while, but wanted to hold off because of all she's been through.  Lautala's ears got pierced when she was 2 months old, and had baby Katea been born under the same circumstances as Tala, I probably would have done it at 2 months too.....but she wasn't so I decided to wait. 

She's older now and I thought it was the perfect time.

She didn't even flinch...not one tear from my tough baby girl...we were in and out of there super quick and she had her brand new 14 ct gold flower earrings.  SO CUTE!

After her ears were pierced, we walked around the mall a little bit.  We ate cookies at Mrs. Fields cookies, bought Lautala some lip gloss....she's such a girly girl!.....ate lunch together....Tala rode the carousel, then we went home.

Love my pretty little princesses. 

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Mua said...

Aww cute! Mommy/ daughters time. Love the earrings, I think Duda got those same ones at two months!