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September 10, 2012

Company "Fun Day"

If there's one thing I've learned in the 3 months that I've worked for AMRG, it's that they really care about their employees and they treat them very well.  I started working here on August 13th, 2012 and their company "fun day" was scheduled for August 22nd, which was just a week away.  Even with me only being employeed with them for one week, they still invited me to go.  Company fun day is a day that the owner of the company, Joe, sets aside for his employees to go and have fun, and it happens once every year.  What we do at my job is dispatch inter-facility life flight transfers and we work closely with several paramedics, nurses, and pilots....but only over the phone.  The fun day is a day set aside to give us the opportunity to meet each other and hang out in person.  Not everyone has to go, but it's open for anyone who works for Eagle Air Med. 

When they asked me if I wanted to go, I said of course!  Thankfully Ana was going too, and I was so excited!  We met early that morning at the airport because we were taking a private plane to Blanding, where our company fun day was going to be held.  When I got to the airport, I was the first one there...I'd never actually flown on a private jet before and I didn't want to miss my flight.  Working for the airlines, I'm used to everything running on a time schedule and making sure everything goes out ontime.  I sat in the TacAir lobby for about a half hour by myself and I was getting pretty worried that either I was in the wrong spot or that I missed the flight.  Well, Ana came strolling in and then shortly after that Joshua came in.  He was our pilot for the flight, and he's the Director of Operations/Vice President of Aviation Services for the company.  Apparantly, when you own the plane, there is no set schedule...you can come and go as you please.  So even though they said we were leaving at 8am, they meant between 8 and 9. LOL  I didn't know that. 

As we were getting ready to leave, they showed me the plane we were going to fly in.  I'm not gonna lie, I got some butterflies in the stomach!  That would be the smallest plane I ever flew in!  I'm not a nervous flyer at all, and in fact I love flying....but seeing that little plane made me so nervous.  I was trying to play it off like I wasn't nervous, but I obviously didn't do a very good job because both Ana and Joshua started laughing at me.  Hahaha rookie!

We got out to the tarmack and Joshua started getting the plane ready.  He took the covers off the engines and the propellers and opened the door so we could get in....of course that was the perfect photo-op :)

The flight time was about an hour and a half.  It was a really smooth flight and we landed in Blanding.  That's where this company started, that's were our headquarters are.  It started in a small hometown and it still has that hometown/family feel to it.

When we landed, there were already people there waiting for us.  We had a whole day of ourdoor fun ahead of us.  They took us up to the mountains and rented 4-wheelers and side by sides and they let us just go where ever we wanted.  They had tons of food and snacks, games...volleyball...it was really cool!  I got hired a week earlier, but I'd never actually worked yet because of training and the schedule I was given I only worked like 2 days of that week....so I hadn't talked to anyone on the phone yet either.  I was feeling very out-of-place there, just being the new guy...but I'm so grateful for that experience now because now I know who I'm talking to on the phone :)

Ana and I rode the 4-wheelers through the mountains.....I love being outdoors, but she's not much of an outdoorsie person LOL,  She was the first one who drove us and I'm not even lying she was going like 20mph.  Hahaha  When we got up to the mountains, we switched and I drove....and I was going full speed....she was super scared.  Hahaha we had a lot of fun!  After we went riding, they provided lunch for us and we had lots of desserts and candy.  Nothing else was planned, everyone was just hanging out with each other.  We were up there from like 10am to about 6pm and then we headed back to the airport.  The Eagle Air Med office is right at the airport so we got to take a tour of the headquarters. 

In getting ready to head home, all the king air airplanes filled with the people going back to their bases were lined up in a row....it was pretty awesome!  They took off one by one and went to their different destinations...then it was our turn to go.  We flew to Blanding in a KingAir.....we flew back in a Seneca, which is a much much MUCH smaller airplane.  Only 3 of us came and 5 of us went back to SLC.  Ana is an avation student and she was mesmorized by everything about the planes, so they let her ride front-seat or co-pilot......I sat in the back with Joshua and Dave....and in the back of that teeny tiny plane, there are two seats directly behind the pilot and co-pilot facing the back and two seats directly in front of those, facing forwards.  So in the back, we were face to face.  Everyone shared the same foot space, so we were sitting knee to knee the whole time.  Fun times!  :)

The flight back was beautiful!  Travis was the pilot and he flew low enough for us to see all the beautiful red rock mountains of Southern Utah.....it was really pretty!  When we got back to SLC, the air traffic control said we couldn't land quite yet because there was a lot of congestion around the area with several other planes wanting to land, so Travis asked for permission to fly over Salt Lake City.  He flew us super close to the U on the mountain and right over the Salt Lake Temple.  I was totally overwhelmed at the experience, and with everything that happened that day.

It was an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G day!  I LOVE my job!  So blessed! :)

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Siu said...

So fun!! Glad you love it!! You deserve it! Love ya!