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September 9, 2012

My rainbow......

So, like I mentioned in my last post....there are ALWAYS rainbows after a storm.  Our situation with Ova's health put me in the position of needing to find a full-time job.  Not only financial necessity, but we really really needed health insurance.  We use my flight benefits way too much to just give up my airline job, and it wasn't even a possibility at all to go full-time there (not like I would have wanted to anyway)....so I was praying to be able to find a different full-time job, that would allow me to keep my part-time airline job AND still be an involved mother in my kids' lives.  That was a lot to ask for, I know....but I updated my resume and the job hunt began.

A good friend of mine, Ana, recently got hired at AMRG. Air Medical Resourse Group. She is a dispatcher for life flight.  I ran into her at a family function and she was telling me all about the company.  I was super interested.  She had told me that they weren't hiring at the time, but that I should send a copy of my resume to her manager, just to let her know I was interested.  I had really hoped they were hiring because everything she had described sounded exactly like what we needed, and exactly like what I wanted.  I said a few prayers, typed up an email and sent it off with my resume.  In the mean time, I was google searching different job positions that were open, and trying to weed through which ones I wanted to apply for, and which ones I didn't. I hate the job hunting process. A couple weeks later, I got a text from Ana telling me that they just posted a job opening for another dispatcher and that I should hurry and go apply.  I dropped everything I was doing and submitted my resume and application online, and crossed my fingers that they would choose me for an interview.

A couple days later, I got the call!  Yay!

The interview was pretty laid back, but intense at the same time.  The two ladies that interviewed me (Jen and Myriah) are actually the managers over dispatch, so if I got the job they are the ones I'd report to, the ones I'd be directly working with.  They asked me a bunch of questions about my work history, etc...then they did role playing with me.  That part was pretty intense.  Keep in mind that I really had no idea what the job entails, so when they asked me questions that I didn't know the answer to, I would just try to come up with what I thought sounded like reasonable solutions....tried to think outside the box.  One of my answers was so bizzare that they both just laughed.  I didn't know if that was a good thing...like haha she's funny.  Or a bad thing....like omg she's so stupid. :-/  LOL They took me through the comm center, which is where I would be working if I got the job. All I can say is wow!  My first impression of the place was NASA, it felt like I was at NASA.  There are huge screens all over the walls and each station has 3 monitors and 4 phones....it looked pretty intense!  They told me in the interview they were only hiring one position....and considering the stack of resumes they had on their desk that made me even more nervous hoping to get a second interview.  We finished the interview and they told me that they had more interviews to conduct and that if I was chosen for a second interview, they would call me in a couple days.

That was the longest couple days of my life.  I kept texting Ana, bugging her, asking if she'd heard anything.  I had butterflies everyday, and even more so when the phone would ring...and even more so when the phone would ring and it wasn't them.  I kept re-playing my interview over and over in my mind....and I think I did a pretty good job....but they hadn't called me yet, so I wasn't sure....all I knew was that I really really really wanted this job. LOL. 

Finally, the call came. I was chosen for a second interview. Whew! 

The second interview was on a Friday, and I was told it was going to be even more intense than the first one...more questions, more role-playing, and more people in the interview.  Nervous!  They were not even lying about more intense....the interview took like 2 hours....when I first got there, they had me go into this room and take a multi-tasking test. They played a recording of someone reading out several different things....numbers, states, colors....fast and randomly, and I had to write down in order what I heard.  I actually did pretty well on that one....then there was another multitasking test where they had cards with letters and pictures.  Another recording told you how to lay the cards on the table, and then very quickly it gave directions to move certain cards in different directions and it was pretty crazy. I did good the first time, but the second time I somehow got my left mixed with my right because everytime I was supposed to have moved a card to the left, I moved it to the right :/ it was a fun little activity though.  After the testing was the group interview, super duper duper intense.  Cheryl is the Executive Vice President of the company, and she's the one who conducted the interview.  Her title alone was nerve-wrecking.  At first she was just asking questions, just getting to know me and my work history....then Joe came in.  I didn't know who Joe was, but I chatted with him for a little bit about being a ramper at SkyWest.  He was a ramper at SkyWest back in the day.  The whole interview was pretty much role-playing...they wanted to see how I would handle several phones ringing at one time, and how I prioritize the calls.  Cheryl pretended to call me, and I answered....right when she was in the middle of giving me patient information, Jen started ringing in.  To be honest, I had a hard time finding a pausing point with Cheryl to pick up the call from Jen....when I finally found a window of opportunity, Myriah started ringing in.  Eventually I answered all the phones and got them all taken care of.  But it was intense.  When that part was over, Joe got up shook my hand and said "good job" and then left.  Then they told me that Joe was the President/Owner of AMRG.  The head honcho.  They told me that he likes to be involved and have a say in everyone they bring into his company.  That says a lot about the company!  Anyway, the interview ended and they told me they had a couple more interviews and that if I got the job, they would call me and if I didn't, I wouldn't hear from them.

The next few days went by so slow.....it was a repeat of how I felt after the first interview.  Butterflies in my stomach when the phone would ring.  I just felt like the job was right and it was something I could do and love and be good at....and we really needed it.  We fasted and prayed together as a family that things would work out.  Even Mone fasted and he's only 5.  On Sunday at church, Mone had just come from his class and we were sitting in sacrament meeting.  He very frantically asked me for a wipe....I gave him one and he spits a jolly rancher out of his mouth and wipes his tongue with the wipe, and then looks at me with a broken hearted face saying that he's so sorry, he forgot he was fasting...his teacher gave him the candy and he ate it.  He almost looked like he was going to cry telling me that he hopes I still get the job. LOL.  My sweet little boy.  The day they had told me they were going to call back passed and I didn't get a call.  I seriously wanted to cry.  I didn't do anything at all that day but wait by the phone for a call.  It never came.  I wanted to text Ana, but I didn't want to bother her, and I didn't want to put her in the position to have to tell me I didn't get it.  But it was eating at me all day long, so I finally did text her.  All I said was: No call today :(  She texted me back right away and said that they actually hadn't called anyone back yet, and that I shouldn't lose hope....that made me feel so much better....but I was still nervous.

The next morning, bright and early, I got the call.  I GOT THE JOB!!!! All my butterflies, and worries and prayers and fasting were answered.  I hung up and just started crying....this meant so much more to me than just a job.  This was hope that we'll find out what's wrong with Ova and fix it....this was being able to pay our bills....this was everything we've been asking for wrapped up in one.  Bless Ana's heart, I owe her so much for telling me about it, and putting in a good word for me, and for answering all my nagging and annoying texts.  She's awesome!

I started a couple weeks ago, and let me just say that I LOVE IT!  I love everything about it.  I love the challenge, I love the people I work with, I love how laidback it is...but at the same time, its very professional.  I love the schedule and that I work 12 hour shifts so I have more days off, I love that they hired me for the graveyard shift so I'll be working while my kids are sleeping so I can still be home with them in the day (training during the day though) and that I can still keep my airline job.  I love their benefits, especially their health insurance.  I love that it's still got that mom-n-pop feel and that I'll be able to grow with them.  It's a great company, and they're only going to grow....and I'm with them for the long run.  What a huge blessing for me and my family! .....and I LOVE that right when I found out I got it, my sweet Mone said "wow Mom, fasting really does work!"  :)  Blessings all around! 


Mua said...

Yayyyyyy! Sooo happy for you Mon, I'm glad you love it and that it's the perfect fit for you! You're totally a SUPERMOM, working two jobs, being a mom, and Ova's nurse LOL. :)

shaunita said...

Yay!! Congrats! You are amazing. I bet you nailed the multi-tasking tests, since you have to juggle so much all the time:)

The Lapuaho's said...

So happy for you!

Kalani said...

Oh, what great news! Congratulations! Haven't been on blogger for a while, but I'm so glad this post was the first one I read...so happy for you! :)

Melissa said...

So happy for you! Congratulations!!!! Glad you love your job. That is a huge bonus. You are amazing! Your family is being so blessed.

Chloe Smith said...

That's wonderful! What an inspiration of showing prayers really do get answered! Good things happen to good people and you deserve it ! So cute about the jolly rancher :)

Halli said...

What a blessing. I'm so happy for you friend. Congratulations!!!