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March 27, 2013

Utah Jazz Baby!

My Uncle Daniel is a Utah Jazz season ticket holder and he offered to let me take my boys to a game.  We love the Jazz so as soon as the offer was extended, I accepted super quick because I knew how much fun it would be!  Daniel gave us 5 tickets for the Jazz vs. Suns.  I originally wanted to take Tala, but Ova asked if we could leave her and take Moses because he loves the Jazz and would appreciate it so much more!  Since we had already taken Tala to the Disney Princess on Ice, it was our turn with the boys!  We called Moses to invite him and he was so super excited!
We got all decked out in our Jazz gear and headed to the game.  We didn't want to deal with the traffic, so we decided to park at the trax station and ride the trax all the way right to the ESA where the game was going to be played....such a smart idea and the boys were having a blast!!
Walking to the trax station reppin' that Utah Jazz :)
My handsome Makai and I...
When we got to the arena, we had the boys pose in front holding up their U's.....we are big Utah fans and Moses is totally a Y fan.....so he was super hesitant to put up a U.....Ova kept telling him it was for Utah Jazz, not Utah Utes so he finally did it.  Ova snapped a picture and sent it to his dad saying that look Moses is throwing up the U!!  hahahaha  it was so funny!
The game was actually super empty, it was sad.....but it didn't matter, we still had so much fun!
Mone was hilarious.....he had no shame at all.....he was screaming and cheering like this the whole time.....he was so loud that he actually made it on the jumbo tron like 3 times LOL.  Best person to take to a game....haha   All the boys were cheering pretty much the whole game, but this guy was having so much fun!
At halftime, probably because Mone was so loud....lol....the Jazz bear came over and it was the perfect photo op!
And then right after, he started spraying them with the silly string....hahaha.....the boys felt so special!  It was perfect!

My love and I......the chapperones
When the game was over.....and we won!!  Yay!  The boys got to go down to the floor to take pictures.....they were in heaven and I was so happy to see how much fun they were having!
Had to stop and take a picture with Stockton and Malone!  (in the glass)
Then we rode the trax back to our car and we went and got some dinner!

It was the perfect night spent with our boys.  They had so much fun and we had so much fun watching them have fun.  These are the moments I live for.  These are the moments I love.  Watching my children grow up so quickly makes me so sad, but when we can take the time out of our schedules to spend some real quality time with them, that is what makes all the difference!  I love my boys so much!!
Thank you so much Uncle Daniel for hooking us up with the tickets!  SO.MUCH.FUN!
As soon as we got home, Tala started asking where we went and why we didn't take her.  She sat down on my lap and we started looking through the pictures that I took.  She was super disappointed that she wasn't in any of the pictures, so of course, we had to snap a quick picture with our little diva princess.  We.are.Blessed!

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