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March 25, 2013

BFF's Ova&BabyTea

I always thought that baby Katea would be a mama's girl, like Tala is....because I spent every single day with her when she was in the NICU.  But she isn't.  She's the biggest daddy's girl ever.....and I absolutely LOVE it!  They've got this really special bond and it's so cute to watch!  When Ova was bed ridden, and baby Katea was on house arrest....they spent every minute of every day together.....and now they are BFF's.  A lot of the progress baby has made...like standing up, clapping, talking, etc, are because Ova spends so much time with her, teaching her.   I work the graveyard shift so baby Katea gets to claim my spot in our bed....everytime baby Katea wakes up or wants a bottle, she doesn't cry, she crawls over to Ova and kisses him on the cheek or arm with a great big uuuummmmmmmaaaaaaa sound.  It's so cute!  Sometimes in the middle of the night, she'll make the uma sound, even if she's dead asleep...hahah...I'm sure she's dreaming of giving her daddy a big kiss!  :)   If he's far away from her, or on the other side of the room, and she spots him, she'll immediately start smiling to try and get his attention...then when he catches on, he'll start making funny faces at her and then she'll start laughing.  They always do that......so cute, the bond they share!  She's a daddy's girl for sure!



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there is no special bond that I love to see then a Father with his daughter love it great post