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March 11, 2013

Little Miss Ily

Our family just keeps growing and growing, and I love it!  My cousin/brother Fanga and his wife Lani, who got married last year just had their first baby girl.  She was born on March 10th weighing 6lbs 15oz and measuring 20 inches long.  She's beautiful and perfect and her parents are in heaven with her!  Her name is very significant becuase she carries the names of both her Grandma's and her Aunty.  Her name is Mekemeke Ilaisaane Charley Mari.....and we're going to call her Baby Ily (Ee...lee)  My sisters and I wanted to go down and meet our newest niece, so we all met up and headed down to Orem the day after she was born.  She's so beautiful and I just love her so much!  Welcome to this crazy world baby Ily!

Me and Leslie with beautiful baby Ily!
Fanga.....the proud daddy!
And one with the whole family!
Congrats Fanga&Lani on the new addition, she's beautiful!!
 I wanted to make a little birthdate keepsake for Lani...with the stats of the day baby Ily was born, so I hurried and threw this together on my way down to Orem....a little keepsake she can hang on her wall!  Love how it turned out!



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sarah said...

What a doll! She is so cute. That's exactly how my daughters name is pronounced, so I love it. Welcome to the world baby girl and congrats on your big, growing family!!!