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March 1, 2013

Synagis Shot #4

Baby Katea got round 4 of her synagis shot today.  She's getting older now and she knows and is aware of things around her.  As soon as we got to the doctor office, she started being fussy.  The only time we go there is for her to get shots, so she knew what was going on.  We decided to do her 15 month check-up while we were at it, since she's already 18 months old. LOL.  Her stats were pretty awesome, I must say....I was so happy to see where she's at.

For her actual age of 18 months, she's in the 79% for her height, 62% for her head circumfrence and 14% for her weight!  And that's measuring her on a regular chart, not a preemie chart!!!  I was super happy to see those statistics, because if we went by her adjusted age (which is the age she should be, if she wasn't born so early) she'd be in the 96% for her height and 25% for her weight. 

Her head is not as big as we think it is....it's just because she's so skinny.....and she's tall.  She needs to start eating more and gaining more weight....but other than that, she's growing just right!  Such a miracle! 

Dr. Templeman did his assessment on her and he was really impressed with how far she's come.  She hasn't needed oxygen for several months now, which is awesome!  We still have her concentrator at home and several oxygen tanks in the house, and one in the car...just in case, but we probably will be able to get rid of them really soon!  Yay!!  He was impressed with how much she was talking and babbling and how she could pull herself to stand and crawl around so fast.  She's starting to notice strangers as people she doesn't know or trust and she is hesitant to go to them.  She was fine that he was in the room, as long as he didn't touch her. LOL. He gave her a book and wanted to see what she would do with it, and she immediatly opened it and started turning the pages.  It was so cute!  She's been having a small cough as a result to some mucus gathering in the back of her throat, that she doesn't know how to clear....but he checked her oxygen levels and she was satting at 100%.....I can't even being to explain how happy I was to see that 100% saturation that she was doing all by herself!!  :)  He refilled her perscriptions for her flowvent steriod and albuterol....since they are helping her so much, he wants me to continue to give them to her daily. (albuterol as needed) 

The check-up was quick and everything went smoothly, and then it was time for her synagis shot.  Dr. Templeman left the room and I played with baby Katea.....she was laughing and smiling and being so cute, so I thought I'd pull my camera out and snap a picture.  Always gotta be ready for a photo op!  :)  Well, this is the face I got when I snapped the picture....can you see all the attitude?  Seriously, she was smiling and laughing right before this shot.  LOL.  Attitude like her older sister hahaha...
And then this was after she got her shot :'(
doesn't she have the saddest little face when she cries??
This was her last synagis shot of the season.  I'm so grateful that she gets them.  It's a hard process to qualify for them and I'm grateful for them.  She has gotten sick quite a bit since leaving the NICU, and I think there are a few major things that helped her stay out of the hospital these past few months.  First one is these shots that give her the antibodies to fight off the RSV virus.  Second one was moving downstairs where she gets less exposure to all the many many people who come in and out of our house....and third is because she's getting older and stronger.
I say it all the time, and I probably will continue to for the rest of her life.  She is my little miracle, and is so so so amazing!!  To think back at how she started, how small she was and all the obstacles she had to face....and to see how far she's come....she's a miracle!  She's my little miracle!  Love you baby Katea!

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sarah said...

That's awesome that she's doing so well! Don't you love how they have the cutest smiles on their face until you pull out the camera, then... nothing! Lol glad she's doing so well! What a beautiful miracle!