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July 13, 2011

Rugby Time!

Last year Fahu Tahi held his first annual rugby tournament in Provo.  Click HERE to read my post from last year's tournament! 

This past weekend was his 2nd annual one.  They changed the location of this tournament to a park way up in Alpine......but the park was perfect!  It was big, the grass was green, the view was so beautiful being so close to the mountains, and the weather was perfect, nice and cool for a summer day in July (this year's summer is not like most Utah summers, it's been so nice and cool)

Rugby is something I've always loved!  To be honest, I don't really fully understand the game, but I love going and watching....especially at a tournament!  I remember when I was young, my Dad and my uncles played rugby and we used to always go watch their games......just something I've always loved to do.  Ova is a die-hard lover of rugby.  I heard stories that he was pretty good back in the day......but with him being so sick for the past few years, he hasn't been able to play....so I've never actually seen him, but he's just as involved as the coach for his Lion's team.  His health has thankfully been improving more and more every year and his goal is to continue going to the gym, losing weight and getting in shape so he can play next year.  I'm behind him 100% and I'd love to see him out there on the field (as long as he doesn't get hurt!)  :)

When rugby time rolls around we make an all day, or should I say all week thing of it.  I pack a cooler or two full of sandwiches, chips, snacks and drinks and we head to spend a whole entire day at the park.  I love kicking it with the other rugby wives and my kids love being outside all day running around and playing with their cousins and friends.  The park where this tournament was held was so nice and perfect for that!  The tournament was held on Friday and Saturday and we got there early each day and stayed until it was dark.

I grew up my whole life in Provo, and my Dad was the president of the Steelers way back in the day....but I'm a Lions fan!  haha  Got love for the Steelers, but gotta support my hubby and his brothers!  :)

The tournament worked on a points system and at the end of it all here were the winners:
First Place and $1500.00 - Provo Steelers
Second Place and $600.00 - Mana
Third Place and $300.00 - LIONS.... whoo-hoo!  :)

We had fun and are grateful to Fahu for putting this tournament on.....it's something we look forward to every year!!

I took like hundreds of pictures.....way too many to post, but if you want to see some, just click on the link below!!

Sponsors of the tournament w/ some of the Lions
Fahu - Sau - Mapu - TiTonga - Manu - Joe - Ova

Sau proud to hold their 3rd place trophy!

Fahu w/ my boys

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Aki said...

I totally agree..this summer has been terrific!!.....looks like alot of fun!!