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July 6, 2011


Before I even start this post, I want to apologize for being so negative and for complaining so much.  I need to stop and be grateful for everything I've been blessed with, and I've been blessed with a lot!

My Dr. appointment yesterday was just what I needed.  I've been stressing out all weekend, but yesterday my Dr. put all my worries away.  He had a medical term for all the bleeding I was experiencing, but I forgot the name of it....basically he said that I had a large pocket of blood, but that I was never in danger of miscarriage because it wasn't even anywhere near where my babies are.  BLESSED!  I bled for four days and then it totally stopped....and he said I shouldn't have any more problems like that.  Thank goodness!

Both babies are healthy, they have strong heartbeats and I can actually feel them moving already!  We talked a little bit about what I can expect with twins.....my Dr. just told me that he really wants me to hold out until I'm at least 36 weeks.  I hope I can do that.....and that they both come out healthy and strong.  We get to find out in 3 more weeks what we're having.  Ova thinks it will be one of each, I just don't have a feeling I'm having a boy, so I'm betting on 2 girls....we've been talking about names....and surprisingly we've agreed on a few.  That info is yet to come....hahaha

I'm starting to feel better now, but I can still go all day without eating......just nothing sounds good.  Especially meat.....ewwww....the thought of meat just makes me nauseas.  So far I've lost 15lbs this pregnancy.....but since I'm feeling better now I'm sure I'll gain it back quickly.  My stomach is growing fast and I already can't stand to have anything touching my stomach, so I've been living in dresses so the waist doesn't bug me......haha.

Even through the sickness and pains and aches and tiredness and bleeding, I do know how blessed I am and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for a wonderful supportive husband, three beautiful and healthy kids and the twins I'm carrying.  I.AM.BLESSED!


Kassie said...

I'm so happy everythings ok. I've been worried about you. :) That's so neat you can feel them already.. im almost 18 weeks and have yet to feel mine. I have anterior placentas so they're blocking all the fetal movement.. Glad you're feeling better too.. I hope you have one of each that will be so neat.. or 2 little girls.. how exciting.. you can have 2 little girls for my 2 little boys haha.. Love ya girl

Nick and Sheena said...

Glad you're feeling better Monica. And thank goodness everything is okay. That's scary stuff! That would be so awesome to have twin girls, I swear it's rare these days to see anyone with twin girls. But twin boys would be super fun too. I see Fine and Lola's twins, and they are too funny. They are all so active and CRAZY! Lol Take it easy and hope to see your beautiful self around soon. :)

Heather and Kevin said...

That is so awesome that everything is ok, but you had a feeling it would be...always good to trust your gut and have faith like that. :)


So glad to hear everythings ok with you and the twinkies! :) They say when you're prego with twins you could feel them earlier than when you're prego with one. I'm so excited to hear what you're having, I really think it's one of each! Happy Pregnancy Monica :)

Tina Tuakoi said...

So happy to hear that everything is okay! I think it's two girls too ;)

Klarah said...

Umm.. I usually blog from old laptop and it usually freezes often so I don't really have patience to read everyone else's blogs. However now I have a babysitter and free time to catch up on blogs and I feel like I have missed so much of your blogs! I am soo happy that everything is okay with you. I thought I had it hard but I couldn't imagine what you are going through with the scare of bleeding so much. So happy your okay. You should call or text me when you get a chance!!