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July 2, 2011

Dream Big

(Pictures of NFL players taken from Dream Big website)

Dream Big Football Camp was a camp put together by New York Jets player Sione Pouha.  He invited several other NFL pro players to come help him with his camp and it turned out amazing!  Sione Pouha is a relative of mine and someone that I've always admired and looked up to.  He has a good head on his shoulder and regardless of anything, he is always thinking of others and doing whatever he can to "give back"  He is and has always been family oriented and his roots are here in Utah and he is constantly coming back home, sponsoring things and doing things for his hometown. 

A lot of times the fame and glamour of being in the NFL, having millions of dollars and pretty much a life of luxury can get to your head....but not with Sione....he's got it all and he gives it all.  He's a great example to me, my kids, the community and a whole lot of other people!

Sione is not the only one though....we've got quite a few polynesian guys that have been fortunate enough to make it to the NFL, and they all are just like Sione...........

Fahu Tahi is another one.  He's a Utah boy playing in the NFL for the Minnestoa Vikings.  He is one of my husband's closest friends and has been since they were younger.  I always see him around doing things for the community.  He actually held another camp similar to this one, focusing on kids, last week.  I think it's so great that these successful career-driven men make and take the time to come back to their roots and share their knowledge and talents with everyone, especially with the kids.

Ma'ake (Suiti) and Chris are brothers....that both made it to the NFL, Suiti plays for the Washington Redskins and his little brother Chris plays for the Pittsburg Steelers, and has won 3 superbowl rings.....they are not here from Utah, but they are always getting together with the Utah NFL players to help sponsor things like this.  They are born and raised in Laie, Hawaii and came to college here at the good old University of Utah.....so I guess they do have some roots here!  Suiti and Chris are Ova's really close cousins.....we're all part of the Fangupo family....their Grandma and Ma's husband are brother and sister.  So we're always together at reunions and stuff.  They both are always giving back to the community too!

There were four of five other NFL players who came to help with Sione's Dream Big Camp too.....but I don't know them on a personal basis like I do these four I listed above.

The whole purpose of the camp was to teach the kids to DREAM BIG, just like the title of the camp.  They separated the kids by ages and they each had a NFL player teaching them some of the moves and practice techniques they use.  The camp wasn't only for learning how to play football though, it was a motivation for the kids that if they work hard, they could make it to the NFL too!

They provided each and every kid that camp to the camp with a Dream Big t-shirt and provided lunch for both days for all the kids.....everyone got a box lunch from KFC....

I was so excited to go with Ova to take Makai to the camp, but that morning was the morning of my little incident, so I didn't get to go........Ova took the boys:  Makai, Moses & Papa Si'i to participate and Filimone and Joey to watch.  I begged him to get some pictures of the kids with the the players....but he said the camera was trippin' so he only got a few shots of the boys in the bleachers before the camp started.

I'm grateful to all these guys who take time out of their busy lives and schedules to give back to the community.  It makes more of a difference than they probably even know!  Thank you, thank you thank you!!

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It was so cute, and organized, and my son said he had a lotta fun! Sorry you missed out, but glad you're babies are ok! :)