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December 7, 2010

Not so little anymore...

Misi is my little brother, the only boy out of 4 kids and the baby of the family.  He's such a good kid and has been all his life.  He served his mission in Nukualofa Tonga and got back in July of 2009.  Not long after he was back from his mission he met a girl....they've been inseperable ever since.  In 4 days, on December 11th, 2010 they are getting married in the Salt Lake temple.  I can't believe my baby brother is old enough and mature enough to take this big step and start his own family.  I'm so happy for him.
It's actually a very funny story how they met.  Her name is Sipola Fakalata and she also served a mission in the Chile Vina Del Mar mission (isn't it crazy that three people from our family served in Chile....me, Lini and Pola....what a great place, truly the BEST mission in the world...hahaha!!)  They both got home from their missions around the same time and it happened to be Pola's family reunion.  On the last day of thier family reunion, they had a fireside and they invited all the most recent returned missionaries to come and speak...of course it was my brother, Pola and a couple other missionaries.  Since my Dad is the stake president of the South Stake, he's always given the opportunity to speak at pretty much anywhere he goes.  This particular fireside was no different.  If any of you know my dad, he's quite the jokester..... he got up and starting making little comments to Pola's family about how the two returned missionaries should hook-up.  Everyone was laughing and really, my dad was joking...but Pola and Misi liked the idea.  hahaha  After the fireside they exchanged numbers and the first time they talked they hit it off really well.  Like I said before, they've been inseparable since then.
Pola is beautiful and we love her and are so happy to welcome her to our family.  She's got quite a challenge coming into a family of all girls with strong personalities and differing opinions, but I hope she knows how much we love her and are happy to have her as our sister. 

We got together and threw a little wedding shower for her on Saturday.....it was a nice intimate event and we had a great time.  Her sisters threw her a nice big shower in SLC a couple weeks ago, and we just wanted to throw another one, just a small one for my mom's family (the palangi's) that didn't come to the other one.  Since Misi's been back from his mission, he's been really busy with school, football, his job.....and Pola, that not many people have gotten a chance to meet her.  It was just an opportunity for Misi's family to meet and get to know the newest addition to our family!! 
For food we did a potato bar....which was so fast, easy, cheap and delicious!  We had a dessert bar....and of course we played some games.  It was a hit and we all had so much fun!

(Denise and Lexi's famous dessert stand....the cupcakes were to die for!)

Each of us sisters were in charge of a game....I went first!
I played word scramble with a bunch of wedding words, like:
TERCONPIE...... Reception
The person who got the most right got a prize!
My second game was this game pictured below....
Everyone had a paper,pen and book and they had to put the book on top of their head with the paper on top of it and draw a picture of Pola in her wedding dress on her special day....then Pola got to pick the best one!
Marie did a 'How well do you know each other' game.
She asked Misi a bunch of questions before the shower, so she had all his answers written down.  She asked each question to Pola and for everyone she got wrong she would have to stick a piece of gum in her mouth....out of 15 pieces of gum, she had to eat 10....hahaha it was so funny because she couldn't even talk!  I must admit though, the questions Marie asked were difficult....like how old were you when you lost your first tooth??  I mean, I don't think I knew how old Ova was when he lost his first tooth....in fact, I think I still don't know how old he was...just not an everyday topic couples talk about...hahaha
Leslie's game was hilarious!  She blew up a poster sized picture of Misi and we played pin the tie on the groom.....it was so fun, and everyone actually did really well!
Then it was Pola's turn to play Leslie's game...but her task was a little different...
She had to put red lipstick on her lips and try to kiss him....she was a little low....hahaha
Leslie and my mom did the final game, and it was so cute....they got a bunch of cleaning items and made a story out of it.   It was a story about Misi and Pola meeting, falling in love and getting married.  As Leslie read the story, she would pause and people would guess the item she was pausing for..... I don't remember the exact story, but for example..... 'Misi was on a mission, he had to SCOPE out all the girls and try to find someone FANTASTIK with whom he could SNUGGLE, ALL the time.  Once he found Pola he SHOUT'd with JOY and WISK'd her away.....(something like that)....it was cute and then all the cleaning products in the story went to Pola and Misi to help them start out.  
After the games, Pola opened her presents.  It was a great time, and such a success!

Now they'll become eternal in 4 days.
I'm so excited and happy for them.
This is gonna be one BUSY week!



Congrats to the gorgeous couple!!! What fun games and beautiful sil you will have!!!

Melissa said...

They are a very nice looking couple. Good luck with the wedding and all. She is very pretty and he is very handsome.

carolineluvsulysses said...

what a good lookin couple, I see ur bro at the field house once in awhile :) love the engagement pix.. ur bro was my bro in laws mission companion :) congrats to the couple and isnt it soo crazy to see younger siblings get married? have fun!