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December 7, 2010

Dannon Christmas Party

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than taking the kids to meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus on the first of December? 
Ova's work had their annual Christmas party and like always, the kids had a blast!  I just love how they always focus on the kids....they had pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus and every kid there got a gift.  Makai got an activity book, Mone got a reading book, and Lautala got a cute little book with fuzzy, puffy and texturized pages that she can feel.  They had a table set up with tons of sweets, anything from cookies to chocolate to peppermint chocolate and hershey's kisses.  They had hot cocoa w/ marshmellows and m&m's and apple cider.  They did an excellent job!  They set up a couple tables where the kids could do crafts.  They made little snowman or ginger bread house picture frames out of the foam paper and the kids got to decorate them with all kinds of decorations...and on another table they were coloring Christmas pictures....
I always love going to Ova's work functions (and so do my kids) because we've sort of all become like a little family...we always joke about our 'Dannon Family' but really it's no joke...hahaha.  Ova has the luxury of working with several of his cousins and a lot of his close friends....which makes it really nice because we tend to hang out often outside of their work.  Sometimes us wives will get together and do lunch and sometimes the guys will get together and hang out, and often on holidays we get together with all our families to celebrate!.....when they have these company family functions we can all get together and hang out while our kids have a blast together.  Ova's job is such a blessing that I am very very grateful for.

I was actually going through my blog from the past couple years.....just taking a walk down memory lane, I like to do that sometimes.....I was reading what I was doing exactly one year ago during this time of year.  I'm so grateful for my blog for allowing me to remember things that happened in my life that I might not remember if I didn't write it down or blog about it.  It was this time last year that Ova got hired at Dannon, his official 1 year mark was December 1st.  I was reading of how grateful I was for the blessing of him getting this job.  I still feel the same way.  Dannon has been such a huge blessing for our little family and I am so grateful.  I was reading of how bad Ova's health was and all the trials we had to go through.  He's had an excellent year with little to no health problems and I am extremely grateful for that.  Dannon is the perfect job for him and for our little family. 




how fun, I'm so glad ur family has been blessed. Can't wait for Pulu to start up over there. I've only heard wonderful things!!


Thats so awesome!!! all I've ever heard about that company is good!! I too love to go back and read posts from past years its great goin down memory lane!!!

Melissa said...

You are all too beautiful! Happy Holidays!