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December 14, 2010

Celebration Dance

Part II:  Misi's Wedding
Their wedding celebration dance was on Friday night, the night before their sealing in the Salt Lake temple.  I must say, I did not have a good morning that morning.  Like I said in my last post, I didn't get home until almost 6am and tried to get a few hours of sleep before I had to wake up to take Makai to school.  I would have just had him skip school that day because there was so much going on, but he was chosen to be the star student that week and Friday was his special day where his family could come in and meet his class.  I couldn't let him miss out on that.  Well, I got about 2 hours of sleep before I had to wake up to get him ready and take him to school....I was planning on getting up that early anyways because I had two finals that I had to do online and submit before midnight.  Since it was my brother's wedding dance and we had to be there at 5pm to help set up, I only had that few hours in the morning to finish my test and write 3 papers.  I was feeling completely overwhelmed.  I actually had a panic attack and had to stop and breath for a minute.  I needed to be a thousand places at once and it was very overwhelming.  I went to the school to do my final, but didn't have enough time to finish it before we had to go to Makai's school to do his spotlight.  This is the poster I made for Makai to take to school on Monday and they hung it in his classroom all week long.....
I asked him what he wanted me to put on it and he said just our family and that he loves Utah and the 49ers, so here it was!  I came home and picked up Ova and the kids and we headed over to Makai's school.  He was so excited to have us there, and we got to talk and brag about Makai and how great he is.  He was loving every minute of it. 

After Makai's school I dropped them all back off at home and I ran back to school to finish my finals.  It was like 2:30 at that time and I only had an hour to finish, go home, get myself and all the kids ready and head to Provo before 5pm.  O.V.E.R.W.H.E.L.M.I.N.G!!  I did get it done and everything worked out ok, it was just a little stressful!! :)

The dance started and we were in the kitchen preparing the refreshments.  We had everything you could think of.....egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches, rice krispie treats, fruit tarts, eclairs, mini cheese cakes, pieces of bunt cake, brownies, muffins, a water fountain with lemons in it to drink, three layered sandwiches with ham, turkey and cheese.....we had TONS of food there, and I must say we planned pretty well because we started serving the food around 8 o'clock and all throughout the night we were refilling the plates to make sure there would be enough!  The dessert stands were beautfiul and my auntie Finau decorated the table so nicely!  I didn't get great pictures....but here are the few I snapped:

The DJ was ok....haha but we had a lot of fun gettin' our groove on....hahaha!  I helped out in the kitchen until I heard a song I liked and then I'd go out and dance with my husband.  It was a lot of fun, good times!

And of course our kids did a number for their uncle.  I wish I recorded it because it was so cute, but Leka taught them a ma'ulu'ulu to a Tongan song with a hip hop beat.  They did such a great job!
Halle~Misi~Lia~Pita~Lote~Makai~Jalen~Mone (8 of the 13 neices and nephews)

The dance ended at almost midnight and by the time we cleaned up the refreshments and put all the chairs and stuff away it was almost 2am when we got home.  Another long late night and we had to be up bright and early because their sealing was at 8:20am.


Adele said...

Hey Makai!!! Just thought I'd let you know, I'm living in Salt Lake now. 801 520 8510


What a crazy day you had!!! the kids look so darn cute in their out fits!!@!

MARCIA said...

Isn't it crazy how you can get everything done when you're under sooooo much stress! I hope you gave yourself a break after that BUSY week. The food looked delicious by the way!

carolineluvsulysses said...

Super mom I tell ya!!!!!!

Sinai said...

Love the kids costume~ They look so cute!