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December 14, 2010

Lunch w/ the Dannon wifeys

There's a pretty good sized group of guys that work at Dannon, and like I've said in my previous posts, we've become somewhat of a little family.....us wives have decided to get together at least once a month, just to talk, laugh, catch-up, and have some girl time.  (Not limited to Dannon wives....everyone is welcome!!) This month we decided to go to lunch and do a white elephant gift exchange.  So much fun! 
I was a little nervous for the place of choice, a vietnamese place called The Green Papaya....but it was actually really really good!  So good I think I'll actually go back there again with Ova!!

Pho Soup
The main corse....small portions, but really really good!

There were eight of us wives there:  Barbara, Georgiana, Lily, Dianna, Sina, Shenna, me and Hemi's wife...we were missing Talia, but she was teaching preschool that day.  It was fun and we had a lot of laughs.  The white elephant gift was so freakin' hilarious.....especially Georgiana's gift....crazy girl!!  haha  Here are some pictures from our little GNO...

Barb's white elephant gift from G....crazy girl!!  haha 
we had a good laugh over this one for a long time!!

Lily's white elephant gift a knitted bini and a book.....
a very well used book.....hahaha

Sina's gift, a variety of nail polish...

Completely horrible picture....uugghh...gross....but couldn't leave out my white
elephant gift!  (I did get two really nice candles as well!)

Dianna with her very useful gift....hahaha

And Shenna's white elephant gift!

We're planning on having a game night next month.  I know we call it the Dannon wives get together, but really anyone is more than welcome to join us....we sort of just gave it that name because the majority of our husbands work there....I'll make an invite and post it and maybe some of you blogging ladies will come and join us....it's all good times and I'm sure we'd all love to meet each other!!  I'll keep ya posted!


MAUGA FAM said...

Looks like you all had so much fun:) LOL- at Barb's gift, that is so funny!!!


How FUN!!! lmbo at Barbara's gift lol

carolineluvsulysses said...

aww u guys are so fun :) THATS my FAV place!! ive been tryin to get dianna to try that!! fun fun :)