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December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas ~ December 2010
We had a great time this Christmas, just spent the whole day at home on Christmas day....since our kids are still little, we don't wake them up...we just sleep in and they wake us up when they get up.  We didn't wake up until about 10am this year!!  hahaha  I figure we better take advantage of getting to sleep in a little because once they're a little older, they're gonna be waking us up at like 5 in the morning...hahaha 
Makai woke up first and came straight into the room screaming "Mom, get up....Santa came, there are tons of presents under the tree!"  I told him to go wake up the rest of the house and slowly we got up and went to the living room! 
We all slept that late because we got home after midnight the night before....we went down and spent Christmas Eve with my family.  We had a great time there, ate dinner and watched the kids open their presents from Gramma & Grampa Makai....they always get the necessities from their Makai grandparents....like socks, underwear, etc.....we (the parents) always look forward to our kids getting those things for Christmas!!  :)  They got these really really cute fleece blanket pets from their Auntie Leslie....which they LOVE!!  I wish I took a picture of them to post on here because they really are so cute!!  Makai got a Lion, Mone a Monkey, and Lautala a Unicorn....so cute!  
Christmas picture of our 3 kids on Christmas morning
Lautala and her new Princess couch
Our three blessings on Christmas morning...
Daddy with the stockings
Our little Christmas devotional before we get to the presents.....
Ova always takes a few minutes in the morning to talk to our kids....let them know how much we love them and to remind them that even though they have presents and gifts, the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate and honor our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Baby Lautala's first Christmas....Mommy was so happy to FINALLY get all the princess stuff.....haha

Makai got a drum and Mone a guitar.....best gifts ever...they were jammin out all day long and we had a blast watching them get so into it.  We turned the radio on and they went crazy!!  haha
Lautala got a little car/bike thing from Gramma Tea
Punching bags.....
Princess pajamas

Later on that afternoon, all the Fangupo family came over and we had a HUGE feast at our house.....we had everything you could think of from puaka tunu, ota, kumala, paka lolo'i, korean style crab (Ova made it and it was DELICIOUS!!!), lots and lots of delicious food!

We can't have a Fangupo get-together without all the kids dancing like crazy...
Even Uncle Sau got up and danced with the kids

Auntie Siosiana....always thinks of the kids....she's the BEST Auntie ever!  She came over with stuff for all the kids to make Ginger bread houses from scratch....she brought every kind of candy you could think of to decorate with.....AND she brought every single kid their own stocking STUFFED full of candy and toys.....all the kids sure do LOVE their Auntie Siosi!!
Kids gettin' ready to build their houses...
Grandma Kesa even made one
And so did Grandpa Kina

Here were the finished products...
Lautala and Auntie Siosi
Wearing the headband Auntie Siosi gave her

Hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Penelope Lolohea said...

Love these pics, especially the gingerbread houses!! Looks like you had a great Christmas! Hope you have a happy New Year! Love you guys!

Brian N Sela Misinale said...

Looks like you all had a very merry christmas :) Love all the pix!

MAUGA FAM said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas:) Love that your husband talks to the kids about the Savior before they open presents.

Hayward Family said...

Such fun activities for the kids!! You are such a fun little mommy!