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June 21, 2010

A thoughtful Makai...

If any of you have or have had a first grader, you know that they make all kinds of crafts and thoughtful things during the school year, especially for the holidays.  I remember Makai made a wreath for Christmas out of a wire hangar and some Christmas material.  For Mother's day he made me a paper flower and he wrote me a poem.  Well, being that yesterday was Father's Day, I asked Makai if he made anything for daddy....he had a big smile on his face and went and got a picture that he had drawn on the computer of 2 boys, 1 little and the other one big.  He typed Dad on top of the big one and Makai on top of the little one.  He also typed 'I love you Dad'  It was cute and simple and showed how well his computer skills have come along since the beginning of the year.  Since we've already established that my boys are not good at keeping secrets, I was not at all surprised when he showed it to Ova way before Father's Day.  Little did we all know that Makai had something more for his Dad for Father's Day....and he WAS keeping it a secret, he didn't even tell me!  Ova came home from work on Sunday night with the biggest smile on his face and went straight to Makai and gave him a big hug and said thank you.  I was wondering what he was talking about....and I couldn't help but notice how proud Makai was.  Ova went over to the kitchen table and put his lunch box down and started pulling out 3 things:

The poem on the little white paper says:
My Dad is my hero
And I will tell you why,
He's brave and strong and helpful
and makes me happy when I cry.
He always likes to play with me
I'll love him to the end,
He's not just my hero
but also my best friend.

Don't you love how Ova's 6 foot 50 inches and only weighs 5 pounds....hahaha  Makai love to share his Swiss Rolls with his Dad.... I just love this one because he spelled all the words himself!

Ova came home from work and was telling me that when he opened up his lunch box at work and saw all the things Makai had made for him, he was so happy, he couldn't stop smiling.  All the guys he works with were gathered around him reading and looking at the things that his son gave him for Father's Day.  Ova felt so special!  I'm so glad Makai thought of surprising his Dad this way on this very special Father's Day.



so sweet, I bet your hubbs felt all special :) Your son sounds soo stinkin cute, and very thoughtful! I'm glad he has such a creative mind!!...Sounds like it was a great Fathers Day!!! :)


How sweet is that!! I love the facts about his Dad!!! Makai u are so thoughtful!!! what a great surprise

Kiki Fangupo said...

Nic made one of those cards too & Mote made a similar one when he was in Kindergarten as well. I love those bear facts. Siope did one on my in preschool for Mothers Day and it was so sweet. I think Siope was the only one that got his moms age right though... everyone else was under the age of 12 according to their children lol