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June 7, 2010

4 days to 5 months....

On June 4th, 4 days before Lautala turned 5 months old.....she got her first tooth, on the bottom! 

Funny thing is though, that we didn't even know she was teething!  She hasn't been fussy, no fevers, nothing out of the ordinary....in fact, the way we even found out she had a tooth was because she bit my little neice Alisi... hahaha.  I can't believe she's almost 5 months old.....time sure has flown right by!  She's growing up and changing every single day.... here are a few of the things that she does as a 4 month - almost 5 month old!

-she smiles all the time
-she laughs out loud when her brothers play with her
-she's very tickelish, especially on her feet
-she loves to be outside
-she's such a good baby, never crying unless she's hungry.....and then she freaks out :)
-she's got her daddy wrapped around her little finger
-she has a tooth
-she wears a size 3 diaper
-she drinks 6 oz. every few hours
-she'll still go to anyone and not cry
-she knows her mama and I seem to be the only one to comfort her when she's not having a good day.....which I totally love!
-she can go coupon shopping with me for hours and not even make a fuss..... (coupon shopper in the making....hahaha)
-she has the biggest frown ever when she gets scared
-she loves, loves, loves her brothers
-she has big brown eyes.... none of my kids have my eye color...
-she has excema all over her forehead that requires a prescription ointment, which I hope will clear up soon
-she's a whole lot smaller than both my boys were at her age, but I'm cool with it cause she's a girl!  :)
-she sleeps through the night
-she sits on Ma's lap for hours just staring at her or things around them and doesn't cry, but she knows when the kids are around.... Makai, Alisi or Pisila.....that she can cry and they will fua her....hahaha  smart little girl! 

We love you Ilaisaane Lautala!  :)



she is a darling lil girl! I can't believe she has a tooth all ready. My older two were like that with the no teething stage, juss teeth would pop up here and there. I love it! But with Selini she teeths and it sucks, so lucky you!! Anywho babies grow too fast huh!!! Yours is wasting no time at all lol

Melissa said...

She sounds like a complete angel. I need one of those. I hope that the next time around I will get lucky and have a girl. She is sweet. Wow, watch out teeth here she comes. I couldn't believe it when my Andrew got his first one at 4 months of age. They grow way to fast if you ask me.
I hope you are doing well. Love ya!