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June 16, 2010

Pirate's Island

There's a new place that opened up in Orem called Pirate's Island.....it's like a Chuck-E-Cheese, except it's focused on pirates......and it's awesome!!  My older sister called me one night a few months ago (sorry took so long to post, but I just found these pictures as I was loading them to my computer) to ask me what we were doing.... thankfully we had no special plans, so we decided to meet up and take the kids out.  We were originally going to go bowling, but Leslie had heard of this new place and we thought we'd try it out..... like I said before, It was awesome!!  Right when you walk in the door, you feel the pirate spirit....it was dark, and muggy and they had the pirate song playing as background music.  There was a huge display at the entrance with pirate skeletons sitting around treasure chests in a cove of rocks..... very creative and well put together!

In order to get to your table, you had to walk through caves and at the back of the place they had built a huge pirate ship against the wall that was kid-friendly so that the kids could climb and play on it.  They have a variety of things you can order from fancy meals to pizza and wings.  We opted to do the family deal which was a HUGE pizza, jugs of soda, breadsticks with alfredo or marinera sauce (the bomb), and 100 tokens for the kids..... I just had to take a picture of the pizza, cause it's the biggest one I've ever seen!

50 slices in this one pizza!!  The kids ate, and were so excited that the meal also came with a pirates hat.... we divided the tokens between all the kids and let them go play the games and ride the little kid rides.  After the tokens were done, they counted their tickets and went to the desk to get their prizes.  The only downfall was that the prizes were way too over-priced.... I mean when you only get 2-3 tickets per game and they want 25 tickets for a little tootsie roll candy, it's kinda pathetic.....but hey, the kids had a blast!  Makai and Mone both chose to get a pirates eye-patch to go with their pirate hat.  It was an awesome night at an awesome place.  It's always fun to spend family time with the cousins!  Gramma Cindy stopped by after work to spend time with us, and that was so nice!  So if you're ever wondering of a new place to take your kids, think of Pirate's Island.....it's all the way in Orem, but it sure is worth the drive!!


Kassie said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun.. I love this place.. I took my niece there for her birthday back in November, but I will say our food freakin SUCKED!! The pizza looks much much better... but the atmosphere is fun and we had a good time and we had the whole place to ourselves! haha.. I think the word is getting out more now so that's good.. :) The kids are all so beautiful...Next time I'll try the pizza haha


How FUN!!! thanks for the recommendation =)

Kiki Fangupo said...

sounds like fun. my boys LOVE pirates!!!