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June 20, 2010

A sneak peek!!

So here's a project I mentioned before and I really should wait to post it until it's completed, but I'm just so excited about it, maybe even more than my kids!!  hahaha  My friend from work is an awesome artist....he has the talent to look at a picture and be able to pretty much duplicate it without tracing or copying it.... he looks at the picture and free hands it and it turns out exactly like what the original looked like.  His name is Dave and he's actually one of the manager's at my work.  The screen saver on his desktop are pictures of his kids rooms and all the art work he's done on their walls.  His son is into star wars and he hand painted the entire room with space ships, the planets, all the start wars creatures....and it looks amazing!  In his daughter's room, he hand-painted the disney princesses.  I love the way he did it too cause he has Jasmine with her palace on one wall, Ariel under the sea on the other wall, He painted snow white with the dwarfs in their little cottage, and sleeping beauty is reading a book under a enchanted tree.  It's amazing!  I asked him one day if he did it as a business, and he said no...he thought about it once, but never did anything about it..... then I asked him if I could pay him to come paint the Marvel Superheros in my boy's room.  He was happy that I asked him, but wanted to make sure I knew he'd never done the superheros before.... I told him that was fine I'm sure he'd do an awesome job!  I went home and found some pictures of superheros online and emailed them to him...... I told him that the walls in my boys room are white and that it was his to do with what he wanted....just to use his creativity.  It's going to take a while to complete, cause he's just doing it on his spare time, but I'm absolutely LOVING what he has done so far.... He's painted a building, Captain America, Spiderman & Hulk....and he has yet to paint Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, The Thing....and even though these ones are not Marvel, he's going to paint Superman and Batman!!  Since his work is so awesome, and I've been talking him up like crazy, he's gotten a lot of business from other people wanting him to paint their kid's rooms.... I'm so glad I asked him to do it for me, and so happy that now he's able to use his talent to make a little more money for his family.  If any of you are interested in getting something done.... (and he can do absolutely anything!!)  Let me know and I'll give you his number!  He's extremely reasonably priced....like way way reasonable for his quality of work....and he's here locally...... his art work is absolutely AMAZING, as you can tell my my pictures!!!
Pictures on the left are the ones off the internet...... ones on the right are his!


Melissa said...

All I can say is Wow! My boys are sitting here with me telling me that they want those superheros on their wall. It's too bad we are renting right now. I am sure they are loving their room. How fun!
WOW girl you have been busy! It was fun to read up on what you have been up to. Sorry about your toe. That looks painful. I hope it starts to heal. That is bad news. The pirate party looked like it was a blast too. Man I need to go out and entertain my boys better. They are sitting here telling me that I need to do that with them too.
I am coming to Utah in mid July. I would love to stop in and see you guys. How about it? I will call you later when I get all the details. It would be fun to have a girls night out and then I want you to meet my boys. Have you even met any of them?
Looks like Ova enjoyed his Father's Day gift. You are a nice wife. Ours this year consisted of just saying Happy Father's Day to you. Pretty amazing isn't it?
Love ya, have a great week!


wow that's so amazing!! I will have to tell my sis about this. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see the final project!


very cool and exciting!!!

Tina Tuakoi said...

That's AWESOME! I love it! :)

Kiki Fangupo said...

Way cool! My boys are coming out this weekend and I'm sure they'll flip when they see this!