"Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children and others throughout the generations. Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events." --President Spencer W. Kimball

April 22, 2013

Sisterly love...

We went out to dinner the other night as a family and when we were almost done Lautala walked over to baby Katea and asked for a uma.  Baby Katea leaned over and gave her a kiss.  Then they kept hugging and kissing over and over.  It was so cute!  Awww......my girls love each other!!  And we sure do love them!  :)

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