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April 19, 2013

Progress of a couple weeks

So Melinda comes over twice a month to work with baby Katea.  She is our occupational therapist through the Early Intervention program.  She's been coming to our house every other week since we brought baby home from the NICU.  She's such a sweet lady and I really like how she gets down on the floor with baby Katea on every visit and plays and interacts with her.  The first few visits we had, Melinda was just observing the things that Katea was doing and where she was at on their scale of where babies should be developmentally for their age.  With her being born so early, we take into account her actual age, but put more emphasis on her adjusted age as far as where she should be.  Every time that Melinda comes, she watches her and writes down the different things she observes....the progress she has made and the things that we still needed to work on.  We set goals of things that we'd like to see accomplished in the next 6 months and we set smaller goals to reach those goals.  It's really amazing for me to look back and see the progress my baby girl has made.  She's so amazing!  Melinda came on April 4th to do her scheduled visit.....baby Katea is a little older now and more aware of people around her.  She's going through the stranger danger stage and if she doesn't know you or recognize your face, she stays far away or screams and cries until we move her far away. Lol.  My boys never really went through that stage, but man my girls are so bad!  haha  As soon as Melinda walked in, baby Katea tensed up and didn't want to have anything to do with her.  She was holding on to me and climbing up my shoulder trying to get away.  Melinda sat on the floor with her big box of toys and I sat down next to her with baby Katea on my lap.  As soon as she opened her box, Katea jumped off my lap and ran over to her looking for the toys.  Hahaha we all started laughing at what a change in heart she had just because of some toys!  Melinda pulled a few things out and let her play with them, but the toys weren't just for fun, they were actually helping Melinda test how much progress had been made and how far she's come.  She was very impressed with my baby girl and she said that with the exception of walking, she's almost graduated from the whole EI program!  Yay!  We were able to cross off all the goals that we had set in the previous visits and only had to work on that one.  So amazing!  We finished the appointment and scheduled the next one two weeks away.

Today was the day of that scheduled appointment and I couldn't be more proud of my baby girl.  Throughout this two weeks, she's made huge progress.  She's been pulling herself to stand on the furniture and walking up and down it and she even started walking with the walker that she got for Christmas.  She can't quite pull herself to standing from sitting in the middle of the floor, she needs something to lean on to help pull herself up, but she's been making so much progress!  A couple days ago she even took 2 steps by herself without the walker!  Yay!  Melinda came over today and I was so excited for baby to show her her skills!  I pulled out the walker and she walked all over the living room.....back and forth and back and forth....she's a superstar!

That was the last thing that she needed to do to be completely caught up to her adjusted age.  Melinda gave us a few choices..... we could have her keep coming, but maybe only once a month......she could not come anymore but send us evaluations to fill out through the mail.....or we could just let her graduate from the Early Intervention program and call the progress that she's made good.  We opted for the 3rd option!  So today, on April 18th 2013 my little 24 weeker is officially caught up to her adjusted age and graduated from the EI program!  Yay!!!  Way to go baby K, you're amazing!

Walking with the walker
Showing off and taking a few steps without her walker
Saying goodbye to Melinda.....thanks for everything!!

My little Early Intervention Graduate!!  Yay Katea!!!

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