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April 16, 2013


This is going to be a proud mama post!  I am just so proud of the amazing progress my baby Katea has made.  In everything she accomplishes, and all the milestones she meets, we always celebrate big because we know how much it means.  When she started life, we had no idea.  We didn't know if she would live...we didn't know if she would be able to live a normal life or if she would have some serious disabilities.  We were told over and over again that we needed to prepare for the worst.  We always had the knowledge in the back our our heads...that it was a possibility that she could suffer some complications of being born 16 weeks early.  But in my heart, I was always comforted.  I didn't care if she had disabilities, I would love her just the same.  She came out fighting and has been completely amazing since birth!!

I'm just having a really proud mommy day today because I was watching her and playing with her before I came in to work and I was realizing how far she's come.  So many milestones she's met that I haven't had a chance to document yet.

She's now 18 months and here are some of the things she's doing:

-she's walking up and down the furniture...as long as she's holding on to, or leaning on it...she can cruise!
-she can climb up the stairs like a champ
-she talks a lot!  her most favorite word right now is mommy, but she says uma, daddy, no-no, ba-ba(bottle), hurry, peese(please)
-she understands a lot, but she knows more Tongan words that English ones
-I can already tell she's going to have a sarcastic personality because she constantly teases us....for example, when we ask for a uma, she'll lean in and then hurry and pull away at the last minute....or she'll lean in and hurry and tilt her head so that we kiss her forehead instead of her lips.  haha
-she's eating more solids now, but still isn't gaining as quickly as we'd like so she still drinks pediasure everyday
-she just recently started being more daring and standing on her own, without support
-she took her first 2 steps the other day which was so amazing!  I'm sure she's going to be walking really soon!  That makes her right on track with all the rest of my kids.  None of them walked until they were 15 months, and baby Katea's adjusted age is 15 months!  :)
She's amazing and I'm just so proud of her! 
Proud mommy status!!!

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sarah said...

YAAAAAAAAY Katea!!! You should be proud, those are awesome accomplishments! It's always fun to watch our kids grow, but with special little angels like her it's even more exciting :) Way to go Katea & great job Monica!