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August 31, 2012

More milestones! YAY!

This month has been an amazing month for baby Katea.....she's been progressing and meeting so many milestones!  I'm so so proud of her! 
She rolls from front to back and back to front.....over and over again....I think that's not a learned activity anymore, it's already perfected!  :)
She sat up for the first time by herself, unassisted at the beginning of the month!  I had just given her a bath and I sat her on the bed to dry her off.  I usually lay her down, but when I let my hands go, she didn't fall back, she sat up!  I was so excited, so I called for my boys to come and see.  They were so excited jumping up and down saying "yay, baby....good job" over and over again, that she got excited too and lost her balance.  LOL.  That's huge!
She's holding her bottle now!  She still gets lazy sometimes......ok, most of the time.....LOL.....but she can do it!
And after lots and lots of practice, she's now got the sitting up thing down.  Her core is strengthening and she can even balance and catch herself if she starts to tip over!  I owe this milestone to Ova....he's been working with her everyday, sitting her up and holding on to her thighs, teaching her to use the muscles in her bad to hold herself up!  His working with her helped a ton, now she's stronger and more balanced.....and she can sit unassisted for long periods of time!  And just like I said in one of my earlier posts.....she did it before her 1st birthday!!  You're a miracle baby Katea and you're amazing!  Daddy and I are so so proud of you!  :)

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Mua said...

That is awesome! Yay baby Katea, next thing you know it's crawling, then walking in no time. Love you pretty girl!