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August 24, 2012

All Better

Baby's been doing pretty good at home.  Whenever she gets sick, it sets her back quite a bit and takes her a while to recover.  We left the hospital on August 13th, coming home with increased oxygen levels (1/2 liter) and albuterol/flow vent.  She was pretty dependant on the oxygen for a while.... she'd be able to go without it during the day, but she'd need it when she ate, or when she slept at night.  There were times at night when I'd need to turn her up to 3/4 liter just to keep her sats up.  Her poor little lungs worry me so much.  I've just recently been able to wein her down and now she's completely off it again.  I find myself watching her breathing all the time though, just to make sure.  I don't want to have to depend on the pulse-ox monitor, so I don't use it when she's not on oxygen.  I just watch her closely.  She's amazing!  Her lungs are weak and underdeveloped, and she gets knocked down pretty hard sometimes, but she always gets back up.  So proud of my little fighter!  Hopefully now, I can keep her healthy and out of the hopsital!

Grampa Makai always said taking a bath makes you feel so much better!.......he was right!  :)


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Mua said...

Yay Katea! Glad she's doing better, she's your twin..sooo cute!