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April 4, 2012

Happy Half-Year!

Exactly six months ago from the 26th of March, baby Katea was born.  This is what she looked like at 1 week old.
In this picture she weighed 1 pound 10 ounces....she'd lost a couple ounces since birth.  Her lungs were in critical condition and we weren't 100% sure that she would survive.  She hadn't had her brain ultrasound yet, she hadn't had her chest x-ray yet....there were so many unknowns about her....we didn't know if she would survive, or if she would suffer handicaps or disabilities.  In the picture above, I hadn't even held her yet......she was 7 days old in the picture, I didn't get to hold her until she was 11 days old.  We took it right after baby Cindy's funeral.....it's the first day she really opened her eyes.    Her skin was still thin and see-through....but it had gotten a lot better than the day she was born.  We didn't know much of anything at all....the only thing we did know was that we were so so so happy that she was still alive, and we loved her more than anyone could ever imagine.  6 months ago our lives were definitely changed.....and changed for the better!

Back then, I never even thought about her turning 6 months old, being at home and doing so well.  I never thought about it, not because I didn't think it would happen, but I was so wrapped up in what was going on with her at that time, witnessing her struggles and having to see all the things that she would and could face. 

To be honest, this 6 months have completely flown right by.  I'm so glad I've kept this blog and documented her progress.  There's no denying that she's been through so much, and overcome so much....and there's no denying SHE IS AMAZING! 

Here is my little miracle today at 6 months old

She is so beautiful!  She's a good mix of her siblings....some people say she looks like Makai, others think Mone.  I don't really know who she looks like.....I see Ova in her, and I see myself.  She's beautiful.  She has BIG brown eyes, and it's so funny because when she gets startled she opens them super duper wide.  Ova says she gets her big eyes from me....he's probably right!  haha  That makes me remember the last time she was in the hospital when we were at Primary's.....the nurse was freaking out that something was wrong....I was confused because I didn't know what had changed, she looked fine to me....she said "she's opening her eyes really wide, that's a sign of distress"  I just started laughing and told her she was fine....she just had BIG eyes.  Lol.

I just wanted to record some of the things that she's doing right now as a 6 month old (2 1/2 months adjusted)

-She's wearing size 1 diapers
-She's wearing size 3 month clothes
-She smiles a lot more often now, especially when she's just laying there staring at the ceiling (I like to think she's talking to her twin sister)
-She sucks on her fingers, especially when she's hungry
-She is an awesome sleeper!  She sleeps 9-10 hours at night....and quite often during the day too!
-She just recently started cooing and talking when people talk to her
-She can follow you with her eyes. 
-She's a very very good baby, she hardly ever cries....only when she's hungry
-She doesn't really eat that much, she only eats 4oz every 4-5 hours, and sometimes she doesn't even finish the whole thing.  But she's gaining weight, so her pediatrician is not worried
-She weighed 12lbs4oz at her 6 months check-up
-Her head circumfrance is now 15.9inches
-She measures 24inches in length
-She's still on 1/8th liter of oxygen and is pretty dependant on it
-She's more grabby now, so she's constantly pulling her nasal canula out of her nose
-She hates tummy time, but needs it to strengthen her neck muscles....even though she's getting better at holding and controlling the muscles in her neck, she's not as strong she should be.  We're working on it with her
-She still gets wheezy sometimes, and requires albuterol treatments about 4-5 times a day
-Poor girl is still constipated so she gets prune juice everyday and if she goes too long and gets too uncomfortable, she get glycerin suppositories to help.
-She's a very clean eater....we really don't need a burp rag under her chin (all our kids have been that way)
-Her reflux has greatly improved and is no longer a problem
-Her eyes are still not fully mature, but she's at a zone 3 and her ROP is clearing up....she still has to get eye exams every couple weeks until they're fully mature
-Her head is so flat in the back :(  The NICU did and amazing job at keeping her head nice and round, but since she only sleeps on her back at home, I haven't done a very good job keeping it that way.  We are trying to get her to sleep more on her sides to try and even it out since her head is still soft and formable.....worst case scenario, she'll have to wear a helmet when she's older to even it out
-She gets my attention pretty much 24-7

Half a year is pretty amazing for someone who was born so early.  I'm so grateful for her....the fight she has, her happy and calm spirit, the lessons she's taught me of patience, persistance, faith and love.  Happy Happy Half-Year birthday my sweet baby Katea.  We love you so much!


Angie said...

YAY!! Happy HALF YEAR! Really, this is a HUGE accomplishment! Good job!! She is darling! I'm pretty sure she's just about to surpass Charly on the growth chart...lol...jealous! Such a cute wonderful baby...with an AMAZING MAMA!

The Vimahi's said...

She is so dang cute!!!! I am hoping she doesn't need a helmet but if she does, my daughter wore one for 6 months so if you have any questions or want any advise. Feel free to ask but we will cross our fingers for you that she won't need one.

The Vimahi's said...

She is so dang cute!!!! My daughter wore a helmet for 6 months so if she needs one and you have any questions or advice feel free to ask. We will cross our fingers for you guys though that she won't need one.

The Vimahi's said...

sorry if that came twice I didn't think it worked the first time so I wrote it again. HAHA :)

Kassie said...

Awesome...she IS beautiful...and amazing...and makes me want a girl lol...love you baby girl