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April 19, 2012

Easter 2012

Holidays are always a great time to spend with family....this Easter was no different.  Because of Ova's surgery and baby Katea's situation, we had to tweak things a little bit, but it turned out all good in the end! 

Easter celebration started on the Saturday before with Ova's family.  Instead of doing a big feast, they decided that everyone would just meet at Chuck-A-Rama for lunch and then have a Easter egg hunt for the kids in the park afterwards....that way nobody had to cook or clean, everyone could just eat and enjoy each other's company.  The weather here has been a little unpredictable and even though the week before Easter was beautiful and sunny, the days right before were actually rainy and cold.  I didn't want to risk taking baby Katea out in the cold weather....around a lot of people, especially all the kids....so I was planning on just staying home with her while Ova went with the kids.  Plans changed the morning of because Ova woke up in a lot of pain that day.  He wasn't going to be able to go out and enjoy himself with the pain, so he decided to stay home.  Unfortunatly that still didn't make it possible for me to go because he wouldn't have been able to take care of baby in his condition.....so Gramma Tea ended up taking all the kids with her so they could enjoy the day with their cousins.  Thank goodness for Gramma Tea, she's ALWAYS there when we need her!  All the cousins were together, because the Vegas cousins made it down....so my kids were loving it!  The egg hunt was a big hit because not only was there candy, but there was money hidden in the eggs too!  They always have a great time with their cousins!

The Sunday of Easter was pretty much the same story.  I wasn't able to go to church because of baby, and Ova stayed home because of his hand.  I woke up early that morning and got the kids ready and they went to church with Gramma Tea.  That night, Ova's brothers and their wives came to our house for Sunday Easter dinner.  Just a chill night at home.

My family decided to get together on the Monday after Easter.  This time Gramma Tea stayed home with Ova and baby Katea and I took my kids down to my parent's house.  When we got there, my dad was doing what he loves the most....he was bbq'in....as soon as everyone got there, we had all the kids go inside the house while Gramma Cindy kept them entertained while the rest of us hid all the Easter eggs....and there were A LOT!  Tons of eggs full of candy, some had quarters, a couple had $1 bills in them and the grand prize egg had $20 in it (thanks to Misipou)......the little kids got the whole back yard to and the older kids got the sides and the front....the kids were running around everywhere gathering the eggs, and trying to find the grand prize!  And guess who found it??!!  MAKAI!!  Whoo-hoo!  After the egg hunt, we all ate and just hung around together talking.  Love the holidays, and the fact that every single holiday is a very important and special time to spend time with family on both sides!  There's nothing better to build family bonds than to spend time together and I'm glad we always make time!

Oh, and we all got a bit of good news that night too!  My little brother and his wife are expecting again!!  Whoo-hoo!  Yay for another little cutie to add to the family...that will make 18 grandkids for my parents, from just 4 kids!

In preparation to go to my parent's house for our Easter get-together, I had to stop at Sam's Club to grab some stuff.....the Easter bunny was there taking pictures with the kids, for a $5 donation that would go to Primary Children's.  Of course, anything we can do to support that hospital, we always do....just because they've helped our family so much.....so on our way out, I stopped and let my kids take a picture with the Easter Bunny.  That would turn out to be a funny experience, so I just have to blog about it so we can always remember it.......

We stand in line to have their pictures taken, and when it's finally our turn, they walk up to the Easter Bunny and he says to Makai "Malo e lelei"

Makai's eyes got huge and he had the biggest surprised look on his face.  He said to the Easter Bunny "did you speak Tongan?"  The Easter Bunny said "you're poly aren't you?"  Makai said "Yes"

Mone says to Makai "OMGosh Makai, the Easter Bunny speaks Tongan?"

Makai says with a very excited voice...after thinking for a minute "Mone, I think it's because he's like Santa and he goes around the whole world....so that's why he can speak a lot of languages"

At that point, Makai was way more excited at the cool fact that the Easter Bunny spoke Tongan....than that they were taking pictures....

The picture was finally taken and then the Easter Bunny shook their hands and said "Malo"

As we were walking away Makai couldn't stop talking about it.  I kept him going by telling him that that was so awesome....I can't believe the Easter Bunny can speak Tongan!

Then Makai says, I can't belive he knew that I was Tongan and didn't think that I was miko.....I just had to laugh at that....poor kid....hahaha!

Here's my kids with the Tongan speaking Easter Bunny!

Too bad I couldn't get a picture with all of my kids together....but here's a picture of baby Katea on her very first Easter!  This cute little outfit was given to her by one of my good NICU mom friends, and her daughter...and baby's Katea's future bff....Charly Bella!  Thank you!

Hope you all had a very HAPPY EASTER!


Melissa said...

Wow, you have been busy. How do you do it all? Looks like Easter was a fun time for you. I like the purple cast. Hope things are looking up for you. Hope all is well. Katea is just so adorable. Love her little Easter outfit.

The Lomu Family said...

Haha! I love how Duda is sitting alone while Pailate's on Titonga? Lol. I'm glad my kids got to have a great Easter bc I was stuck in the books!