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March 2, 2012

Love ~ Handmade

Nothing I could ever do or say or make or give could really show how much gratitude I have in my heart for the nurses that took care of my sweet baby Katea.  I know I've talked about them a lot in my blog, but really....how could you show the people that saved your baby's life that you are thankful?  There's not much that can be said, but I hope that Ova and I let them know how much we appreciate and love them!  All the staff at the IMC NICU are wonderful, but we have our 5 primary's who did the most......

Here are just a few things I put together for them......just to show our appreciation! (We were in the NICU over every holiday so we had good reason for giving a little something special every holiday!)

Halloween we just made little gift bags with treats, chips & a cup 



February 6th (Going home)

For everyone

My mom gave me this saying "Such a BIG miracle in such a little girl" and I absolutely loved it.  It describes NICU babies so well....they are miracles, every tiny one of them.  I wanted to make something for some of my NICU mom friends I met....just a little something for their babies.....this saying was perfect.  Here's what I made:

I also didn't have a car seat blanket canopy blanket for my baby Katea....and looking online I saw some that were like $40.  Ridiculous!  I decided it didn't look that hard to make, so I went to the store, picked up some material I liked.....came home and about an hour later.....I had my very own homemade car seat canopy blanket.  I.LOVE.IT!!  Super duper easy to make and it only cost me $10 (for the material)

My little brother didn't have one for his son either.....so I made him a Utah Utes one!!  :)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Because being extremely thoughtful, you are extremely crafty! I loved all of your creations!

Kassie said...

Love all your sweet things..gosh you are super momma..making all this WHiLE juggling a million things AND being a blog addict haha...great job on the car seat covers....:)


aww I love the candy card, so cute! I love all the thoughtful things you did, you're such a loving person :)

Sheena Tuakoi said...

Love all your little thoughtful gifts. So cute!! I don't have a baby.. yet!! LOL But when I do, I so want to try and make a carseat cover. You did such a great job! You're so awesome! :)

The Lomu Family said...

Awesome gifts Mon! So cute and thoughtful, I bet they felt very appreciated :)