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March 3, 2012

Let's try HOME again...

We were able to get discharged from Primary Children's on Monday.  I find it very funny that baby stayed in just long enough for all the out-of-towners that were staying at our house for Sau's wedding to leave.  The hospital was okay with discharging us a couple times throughout the week before the wedding, they told us that we could have just gone home with higher amounts of oxygen, albuterol and the need to suction every 2-3 hours....but it seemed like everytime they would mention the possibility of going home,....something would happen to her, she would have a bradycardic episode....she would need too much suctioning....her lungs would sound tight or she would look like she was working too hard to breathe......everytime we were close, something would happen that would keep us there.  Seiously, the day everybody left our house....she improved dramatically!  Her oxygen levels dropped overnight back to where she was at when she was home, she didn't need to be suctioned as often, and actually only needed suctioning twice that night.  I just laugh because the Lord works in mysterious ways and between him and her, they knew that the only way she would stay safe from so many people, was to be in the hospital.  I'm grateful things turned out the way they did, because I was a nervous wreck thinking about how I was going to try and keep her away from all those people.  Thank goodness my prayers were answered....and even though we were back in a hospital, she was safe!

Since coming home, she's back to her normal content happy self.  She only cries when she's hungry....and then she screams!  Her oxygen is back down to 1/8 liter per minute and I haven't had to suction her once.  Funny isn't it!  :)

I took her to her doctor's appointment today....they just wanted a follow-up visit after being discharged from the hospital, and she had to get her second round of synagis (a shot given to preemies to give them the antibodies to fight RSV.....the shot alone is like $1500....so it's only given by perscription to babies who really need it....like preemies with weak lungs!  They have to get a new shot every month until RSV season is over)  I think it's crazy that they advise me not to take her out of the house at all for the first 3 months, or until RSV season is over.....yet I have to take her to doctor appointments every week, sometimes twice a week.  It just makes me nervous because the only place I'm taking her is right to where there are probably more germs than anywhere else, because that's where all the moms take their kids that are sick...  :-/ 

Today she weighed 10lbs.12oz. she's almost 11lbs.  I look at her and think she's huge, just because of how small she was when she was born, and because she has the chubbiest cheeks and double chin.....but really, she's still tiny.  It hit me today when I was thinking about it.  She spent her 5 months birthday in the hospital again, only this time at Primary Children's.....I was thinking that she is 5 months old already....and only 10 pounds.  Lautala was born almost 10 pounds.  I wonder if she's going to be tiny her whole life....or if she'll catch up with the rest of my giant kids. 

Monday morning before we got discharged, Ova's little brother Tim and his little family stopped by to see baby.  It's their daughter Toakesa that had a liver transplant when she was only one year old.  They are all too familiar with life at Primary Children's hospital, because they spent most of her childhood there.....they were there for a follow-up check up for her before they headed home, so they stopped by to see baby Katea.  Their daughter Toakesa is almost 8 years old now, so it's been almost 7 years since her transplant....she's doing amazing, and the doctors are always amazed at how well she's doing.....she's another miracle!  That day was actually the first time they'd ever met my baby Katea....they live in Las Vegas and don't get the chance to come back to Salt Lake very often.  Tim just stood over her crying for the longest time.  All the emotions and feelings that we've all been able to deal with since the 5 months she's been alive, hit him all at once.  I remember a phone call I got from his wife Toa when baby was like 2 months old.  They had been wanting to call for a while, but didn't know what to say.....all I remember of the converstation was when she asked me "so when will you guys know if she's going to live or not?"  So sad that they were worried that baby wasn't going to make it.  It was a relief for them when I told them that she's not going to die....she'll be in the hospital for a while, growing and developing, but she was going to live.  I imagine all the worry and heartache Tim felt for his brother hit him in that moment.  I was happy that they came to meet her and to see that she is ok!  They had a baby girl in August, baby Luisa Otolose....born just one month before Katea.... baby Luisa is HUGE!!  She's normal size for a Fangupo baby, but it was crazy for me to see them next to each other...it really showed how small baby really is...especially since they're only a month apart.  It was a big big difference!  I wish I had my camera with me that morning so I could get some pictures of them, but I didn't.  :(

Being back at home is great.  It's nice to have all my kids together all at once.  It's nice to have Makai around, he's such a good big brother and such a good helper!  He is off track from school right now, which makes it really nice!  He makes her bottles for me, and holds and loves her if I have something else to be doing.....Mone is kind of just in his own little world....he's being really clutsy lately, so I'm worried that he might hurt her on accident.....he has good intentions though :) ....Lautala is a good helper too!  She's loves to be the one to go and get her diaper and wipes when I need to change her.  It's nice having so many little helpers around!  Katea loves her brothers and sister....I love when she's laying on the ground just being content and they're all over her making coo'ing sounds, talking to her, kissing her....loving her.  I love that when they do that, she doesn't get irritated, she just turns her head to the side and lets them.  I actually think she missed that while we were in the hospital this last time....she didn't have her siblings hanging all over her....hahaha!

We got a home visit from her nurse Anjanette the other day.  It was nice to see her because we didn't get to see her before we left the NICU.  We love Anjanette, she is so great!  She LOVES baby Katea....and whenever we were at the NICU and she was working, she would sit with us in baby's room, just talking about anything and everything.  She spent a little while at our house just hanging out....holding baby....watching our other crazy kids.  Most kids get shy when new people come around, but not my Mone....he gets all crazy and silly.....he had us laughing.  She brought some cute outfits for baby....the picture on the right is one of them!  So cute!  Can't say enough how much we love our primary nurses!  :)

Another thing that baby started doing more often this week is smiling....she's been smiling a lot more often, and even though she doesn't really have good control over her eyes....she can't follow an object....and a lot of the times I don't think she actually looks at me, Ova's been able to get her to smile.  It was so cute the other day, Ova was talking to her while she was sitting her in bouncer chair and she kept smiling over and over again.  I love seeing her progress and hit these different milestones!

Nothing much else that I can think of has gone on this week since being home.  So I'll just post some pictures I've taken this past week! 

          Taking a bath at Primary's

Grampa Makai came and spent a few hours with us at the hospital

Just chillin in my hospital crib

Chubby cheeks, double chin  & She <3's Mommy!  :)

Sleeping Beauty


Kassie said...

You were right that night when we were talking..lol we knew she would be ready to go home as soon as everyone left :) she's so sweet Mon..she's sooo chubby and yes although she is tiny for her age I think she will have no problem catching up! :) I'm glad you have all your helpers too...beautiful beautiful kids..

The Lomu Family said...

Haha..that's so funny, the Lord really does work in mysterious ways. Her going back to the hospital was a blessing in disguise. I remember hearing stories about Toakesa being in there for soo long. Looking at her now you can't even tell, so beautiful and grown with a whole lot of attitude..lol. Baby Katea looks like she's doing so well at home, her chubby cheeks are so cute. I'm sure she will be just as chunky as Lautala. Love the pic of all the kids, so cute!

Michelle Baldomero said...

Hello there, I found your blog thru someone's post on Baby Center. My son was born 2 weeks ago @ 24weeks 5 days. I was looking for some inspiration and stories of moms who have been thru the NICU.

I absolutely love your blog and have added it to my bookmarks of things to read. Thanks for sharing!

I also started a website for my little one, Luke Gerard.

Melissa said...

Oh I am so happy for you. So glad you are all home and that Katea is doing better. I have heard a lot about those RSV shots. Crazy stuff. So worth keeping them indoors until it is gone. We've been there done that.
I am SOOOO sad that we missed each other this weekend. I was really looking forward to it. We will have to meet up when I am back there in April.
I sure love ya! Such sweet kids you have. They are all so cute. So glad taht Makai is such a great helper. What a good boy!
Love ya, have a great week!!!