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June 5, 2011

Such a brat!

This is the 2nd Sunday in a row now that I got up early on Sunday morning to get myself and everyone else ready for church and I just end up laying at home on the couch all day.  Haven't been feeling too great for the past couple weeks....(only 2 more weeks and I'll be done with the first trimester, so hopefully I'll start feeling normal again)....today, it happened again... I got the boys and Lautala ready and sent them to church with Ova.  I asked him to come and pick me up after the first hour, hoping to feel better so I could at least get some spiritual enlightenment.  He came when I asked, and even though I didn't really feel better, I went!  I probably should have just stayed home and rested because I spent the whole entire time I was there chasing Lautala around the church.....she's got WAY too much energy!!  She kept walking into all the classes where people were singing and she'd "sing" with them really really loud.  Anyone who had food or candy, she'd run to them and put her hand out asking for some.  She's a little monster!  She's talking a whole lot now and she knows everyone's names....but her favorite word is NO.  She says no for everything......when I ask her for a kiss.... "no"..... when Ova asks her to come here....."no"......pretty much when we ask her to do anything, her answer is "no."  Ova and I were laughing so hard because she kept saying no for everything and then Ova said are you pretty and she stopped and said "pity".....hahaha  smart girl!

Needless to say, she's a handful.... and after missing Sunday School and most of Relief Society today, just chasing her around....I was happy to send her to her Dad!!



omg she is soo cute! how can u be mad at her sweet innocent face? lol..kids are so funny...til you wanna punch their lights out, thank GOODNESS for dads, cause Pulu is my ultimate LIFESAVER or should I say the kids lifesavers when I'm highly irritated/pregnant! :) haha

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

She is the freeeeeakin' cutest little girl...look at her KAFI face!! Baahahahahah!!! How can you NOT smile when you see this smile?? ((I CAN"T WAIT TO HAVE MY LIL GIRL!)) **I LOVE YOU LAUTALA!

Nick and Sheena said...

She is too cute! Can you imagine having 2 more girls now?? Lol What a blessing!! :)