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June 21, 2011

New Info

Isn't it funny how you find important information out after the fact.  I have never heard of twins in my family, ever, but as soon as we find out we're having twins all the detailed news comes out.

Apparantly my Grandma's (my Dad's mom) sister is a twin, but one of the twins died at birth.  My Grandma herself never had twins, but my Dad told me yesterday that twins were actually pretty common amongst my Grandma's siblings. 

I had a conversation with Ma the other day and she was telling me that her brother had two daughters.  One of the daughters had twin girls and the other one had twin boys.

Not to mention I have two first cousins that have twins, my mom's brother's son had identical twin girls and my mom's other brother's son had fraternal twin boys.

Ova has several first cousins that have twins.... his mom's sister has two daughters that have twins, one has identical twin boys, and the other fraternal twin boys, and his mom's other sister has a daughter that had fraternal twins, one boy and one girl.  And his uncle, his dad's brother had twin girls that both passed away at birth.

So I guess to say that neither one of us have twins in either of our families is a false statement, we just never really had a reason to talk about it and research it as much as now. 

So there you go.....it was not a freak accident that we're having twins, there is a history in both of our families.  And now that we've had a little more time to let the idea of it settle in, we are even more excited and we know we are blessed!


Kassie said...

That's awesome history. We haven't been able to dig up any history of twins...yet! :)

Fiona and Hoko Tuakoi said...

Definitely blessed!! I'm so happy for your growing family!! Love you guys :)