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June 16, 2011


A couple weeks ago I had a crazy dream.  I woke up and told Ova about it.  I dreamed I was having twins.  We both kinda just laughed about it because we knew that would never happen.  Twins don't run in my family or in Ova's family....so it was a big yeah right.  A couple of my friends that are pregnant right now are having twins and we joked about how this must be the year for twins....we started talking about how much we would love it if it happened, and then he told me that if we ever had twin boys he would name one and I would name one, but if they were twin girls, he would get to name both of them....WHATEVER!!  We actually had a little joking argument about it and then the conversation ended because it just would never happen....

I had my Doctor's appointment on Monday, just a regular check-up and the Dr. couldn't hear a heartbeat.  He tried for a while, but just couldn't hear it.  He knew I was freaking out a little about it, just because I have a history of miscarriages, so he scheduled an ultrasound, just to ease my mind....he wasn't worried though.  I mentioned to him about the dream I had and he asked if either Ova or I had twins in our families.....we both said no and he said it's probably not likely, but the ultrasound would confirm my dream.

The ultrasound appointment was set for 8am on Wednesday, we got up and got ready for the appointment and our freakin' van wouldn't start......we have never had problems with our van, ever....and now it won't start??  Luckily it just needed a jump start....(Ova just put in a new battery and I guess the wires weren't tightened enough)....but I was glad that was all that was wrong and not something major.  By the time we got the van running again it was already like 8:05....I tried calling the Dr's office to see if I could still come, but they don't open until 8:30, just the ultrasound tech comes in early.....I told Ova to just take me anyways and I would see if they could see me (I was really anxious! haha)  They told me I could wait and they'd squeeze me in, but they didn't know how long the wait would be.  I think I waited for about an hour. 

When the ultrasound tech came in, she wanted to know how far along I was.  I told her 10 weeks.  Then she started with the ultrasound......she was really cool and we were laughing because she's our same age and she went to Granger high school and hung out with all the poly's from there.....since Ova went to Hunter, they were rivals, so we joked a little about that......I told her about my dream and she said that was weird because she thought she saw two in there......WHAT??  She asked if there are twins in either one of our families and we both said no......it got quiet for a minute and then she put this on the screen:
We couldn't believe what we were seeing.........and she said "it's confirmed, your dream was right....you're having twins"..... I totally teared up, and Ova was just quiet.  I think that moment was surreal....and if I didn't see for myself and hear both of their heartbeats, I don't think I would believe it.

I've always dreamed of having twins....I don't know why, but I just think it's so cool....I just never thought it would actually happen to me.  I'm overwhelmed and shocked and so so happy and excited.  That would explain why I've been so super duper sick this time and with my other 3 kids I was fine. 

The ultrasound tech said it was good that I got a ultrasound so early because she was able to see, and tell for sure that they are fraternal twins because they have their own separate sacs and their own separate homes.  Baby A's heartbeat was 148 and Baby B's was 172.  They were both moving around and wiggling a lot.  Fraternal twins means it could be 2 girls, or 2 boys, or one of each.  We'll probably get to find out the sex of the babies in a month or so....but for now we're still trying to wrap our minds around the thought that there are actually two in there.

And how weird that I actually dreamed it a couple weeks before.

Right after we left the Dr's office, we couldn't stop laughing.....we started calling our families to tell them the news, and actually the first person I called was my friend Kassie.....she's one of my friends that are pregnant right now with twins, and we joked when I first found out I was pregnant that she was going to send me the twin vibe.....I just had to call her and tell her it worked.....hahaha

Ova called his parents and brothers and sister and I called mine.  Everyone was so shocked and so happy.
I cried the rest of the way home.  Feeling so overwhelmed but so so so BLESSED!


Melissa said...

I am beyond excited for you guys. That is so crazy and the dream just confirmed it all. Hope you are feeling well. You are in our thoughts. Best of luck with everything. So they won't be identical right since they are not in the same sac? How exciting!!!

Kassie said...

Isn't is surreal??? It's so awesome and I keep laughing that you're having twins too.. seriously, it is the year for twins! I actually found out something neat from my doctor here yesterday, I have 'fraternal' twins as well, but he said they could still be identical because even if an egg splits, they can form their own membrane and own sac, and they won't be able to really tell until later on in the pregnancy.. one thing I love about this pregnancy too is I get an ultrasound every time I go it and it's so fun to see them growing and being crazy.. just a taste of what we're in for right? :) I'm so excited for you.. it's crazy what our dreams can tell us.. I first had a dream it was two girls, then I had a dream it was one of each and then 2 boys.. so WHO KNOWS? lol.. I get to find out next Thursday though..

So happy for your family. :) I hope you feel better.. seriously the double hormones are no joke.. but there is a light at the end of the tunnel :) love you lady

Tina Tuakoi said...

Soo excited for your growing family! What a HUGE blessing! I can't wait to see the two little beauty's. Wishing you a smooth pregnancy :)

Heather and Kevin said...

That is so awesome and so cool about the dream before your appointment. Heavenly father was preparing you by having it in your mind so you wouldn't be completely blindsided :)

Sinai said...

Congratulations! That is exciting. Before it was confirmed with an ultrasound, I remember joking around about being pregnant with twins because my stomach was much bigger than my other pregnancies. It was the coolest thing to see 2 fetuses in the ultrasound. Crazy that both you and Kassie are expecting twins. Yay!!!



Nick and Sheena said...

Congratulations Monica!! How exciting!! You are an awesome mama, so those twins are super lucky!! :)


Soo happy for u and Ova. What an awesome thing to happen! I remember you telling me you always wanted to have twins, that's so amazing that NOW you are! So what's your due date? I hope they're identical and twin girls :) hehehe

Aki said...

Congrats again Monica!!! That is so awesome!!!I think our Dr's are in the same office....just from your ultrasound pics...my Dr. is Hutchison.....the ultrasound tech sounds like mine too....I don't remember her name but she's a nice hispanic gal that went to granger...anyhow TWINS!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! congratulations!!!