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June 28, 2011

Makai grandkid #14

Let me introduce you to my new little niece, she makes grandchild #14 for my parents (all from us 3 girls), and child #7 for my little sister Marie.

Her name is Milika Nauvoo Kinikini.....they named her Milika after Lini's Grandma & sister, and the middle name Nauvoo comes from the mission where Lini's mom is serving right now. 

She was born on June 23rd @ 4:30pm weighing 6lbs2oz. and she was 19inches long.  She's gorgeous!  Her momma says she looks exactly like her oldest Salote did when she was born, but I think she's a good mix of both her older sisters Lote and Amelia.

I can't believe my LITTLE sister has seven kids now, that's just so crazy.....since she's not even 30 yet..... but she's an awesome mother and even though she has so many kids, they are all so well behaved!

I took Lautala over there the day they got home from the hospital......we spent a couple hours there admiring little Milika and Lautala had fun playing with her cousins.

Welcome to this crazy world baby girl!!

Our Makai family keeps growing and growing!  Milika was born this month, Misi's baby is due in December and my twins are due in January (but will come sometime in December)  That means my parents will have 17 grandkids by the end of the year!  WE.ARE.BLESSED!

Mama & Baby Milika

Lautala playing w/ her cousin Siope


Melissa said...

What a beautiful baby! I can't believe your sister has 7 children and she is not even 30 yet. Wow, wonder woman she must be. Good for them. We can't wait to have a girl around here in our home.
By the way, how are you feeling? I hope all is well. I sure think about you quite abit. Love ya and good luck!

Fiona and Hoko Tuakoi said...

Awww....congrats to Marie!! Baby's gorgeous!! And love even more that half of the grandkids come from her. Lol. Too funny. It won't be long til I'll be joining her boat. Hahahaha......oh the joys.


she is sooo cute! Your family is growing!! You're mom n dad r gonna be caught up to my parents soon, they'll have 20 by Sept when I give birth!! :) Oh the joys of new life!! I love it!

Aki said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations Makai's!! and your little Lautala is such a cutie!!!