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October 1, 2010

My baby boy is 4

Can't believe it, even though my Filimone is the size of a 6 year old, he just turned 4 on the 7th of September.  I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up right before my eyes....it actually makes me sad cause I LOVE having them at home with me.  Mone's a simple kid, he didn't ask for anything big for his special day...when we asked him what he wanted, he told us that he just wanted to go to Chuck-A-Rama with his family, so that's what we did!  I took Makai and Lautala with me to the store to buy him some gifts and luckily when we got home Mone was dead asleep on the couch so we had time to wrap them without him knowing what they were.  It was a nice chill relaxing night for our little guy.

We all (Tea, Ma, Ashlee, and our family of 5) loaded in the van and headed to Chucks.... while we were sitting there eating Mone leaned over and to me and said "Mama, don't forget to tell the lady to sing to me"....so I let the waitress know it was a special little guy's birthday and they all came over and sang to him and gave him a root beer float.  He felt so special!

Auntie Tina made Mone his very own double-chocolate oreo cake with sprinkles....it was delicious!  When we got home from Chucks, we sang to Mone....watched him open his presents and just hung out together as a family.  Nothing to big, just a special day dedicated to our little fatso!

He's been asking me forever if he can go to school, and I keep telling him he has to wait...it's not his turn yet.  I was a little torn about whether I should let him go this year, 1- because he misses the deadline (late birthday) and 2- because I had a bad experience with the preschool teacher.  If I enroll him in preschool this year, he'll probably take it for 2 years because they will not let him go to kindergarden next year because his birthday is 6 days past the deadline.  Makai is the youngest in his class because of how his birthday falls, and Mone will be the oldest.  He's been asking so much so I decided to check it out.  The preschool that he would go to is just down the street from our house, it's actually at the high school.  There is a preschool teacher there, and her assistants are some high school students that are going into a field where they will work with little kids.  Back in June when I was first inquiring on whether I really wanted him to start school or not, I took him with me to preschool.  The teacher knelt down to Mone's level and said "well aren't you a pretty little girl".... I said "he's a boy, he just has long hair" (keep in mind he totally has boy clothes on)  the teacher stood up and with an almost disgusted face said to me "why in the world would you grow your little boy's hair out like that"...... I was shocked and so pissed off, if I didn't have any self control I would have told her off right there, but we were in front of a bunch of little preschool kids and I didn't want to make a scene.  I was really really pissed off though.  Mainly at her facial expression and the way she said it, and because it's none of her business if I want to grow my sons hair out.  I bit my tongue (but she knew I didn't approve) and finished taking the tour of the preschool.  As she walked around to all the high school student aids, she would said "this is Filimone, and he's a boy"..... after about the second time she did that I just grabbed Mone and we walked out.  Mone was confused at why, but I'm not about to have the teacher single him out and make him feel out of place....which was exactly what she was doing, in front of my face.  I left there fuming mad and told Mone I was sorry but he wasn't going to be able to go to school this year.  He cried.  I just really needed time to cool off.  Funny thing that when we got the parent packet in the mail last month the teacher we met with wasn't on there.  I called and asked, and the school told me that she had moved and transferred to another school.  I was very happy because now Mone can go to school and I don't have to worry about him being treated differently.  We went to the orientation last week, just so Mone could meet his new teacher and the kids he would go to school with...I was so happy because she's the nicest lady!  Mone wasn't one bit shy, he just went and made himself at home.... I did call my little sis Leka to come and braid his hair before we went, just so there would be no confusion.  Here's my little long-haired preschool BOY!! 


Tina Tuakoi said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mone! We still need to come by and drop off his gift. So sorry it's taking me so long, it's still so hectic since we've moved and especially because Asi just left again. But for sure soon! Love you Mone, hope you had the best birthday ever! :)


Wow his cake was ginormous, and looked sooo dang yummy!! lol..Hey I use to be one of those highschool students who worked in the Pre-school program, I absolutely loved it! I'm glad that annoying lady doesn't work where you're takin your son anymore, sheesh she was a witch! Some people tho huh...ya gotta juss roll with the punches. :)