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October 9, 2010

Temple Portrait Class

Check out my sister's website http://www.templeportraitclass.com/ she is a teacher for PoppySeedProjects and they've just started making these temple portraits.  They are the vintage-looking canvas paintings with a thick  4 1/2inch frame.  The same ones that you'd buy from Deseret Book for hundreds of dollars you can make yourself for only $50.  Right when my sister told me about it I was so excited!  I told her I wanted to hold a class because I was sure there were some people who would want to make one.  A group of us got together in the relief society room of the church and made our pictures.  It was actually the first class my sister had run on her own, but she's a natural teacher and the class went so smoothly and turned out awesome!  I'm pretty sure everyone who attended was happy with their finished product.  The class only took 3 hours and in that time we painted our frames, texturized our pictures, and assembled the whole thing.  We ended up with a 27X33 gorgeous picture of the temple.  Check out my sister's site, she not only teaches how to make these temple pictures, but you can also make family pictures and they also are poster-sized 27X33 when finished, for $50.  If you are interested in making one, log on to her site and see when she's hosting her next class, or if you know 10 people who want to make one, you can host your own class and yours will be free!!  I'm thinking of having a class sometime at the end of November, beginning of December just in case people want to make some for Christmas gifts!!  Check out her site....they really are nice!!

Here are just a few pictures from our class.  It was a fun girl's night out!!

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Fiona and Hoko Tuakoi said...

They turned out so GREAT!! I saw Sheena's & I'm so looking 4ward to making my own. Love it!! :D