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November 21, 2009

New Moon

So it was another successful girls night out w/ my beautiful Fangupo sisters: Tina, Alisi & Mua! Started out w/ dinner at Chili's where we did the 2 for $20 deal and ate WAY too much..... so delicious! Can't believe I got these tickets way back a few months ago, and the day finally came.... I think that's the earliest I've ever pre-paid to watch a movie and it was so worth it!!
Sittin' up against the top wall..... chillin' w/ our popcorn and sodas....
I must say, Jacob has sure grown up.... it was so funny to watch all the girls goo-goo and gaa-gaa'ing over him... but I must admit he was pretty ripped! :) Of course, the movie didn't do the book the justice it deserved, but I still Loved the movie!! Except that Bella totally pissed me off.... but she did in the book too! I'm so team Jacob, and I just totally hate how she runs to him when she's sad and then kicks him to the curb so quickly.... I was telling my SIL's after the movie that Jake should have been like "Hurry up and bite her already so I can kill her...." Lol.... "what you mean you don't choose me?" :) I know, a little drama.... Lol....
Alice was totally the winner though, cause everytime Jake would come on the screen w/ his shirt off, she would SCREAM.... Jacob is so freakin' fine.... Tina, Mua and I couldn't stop laughing... that was a side of Alice we'd never seen before! See what this movie can do to you.... it brings out your inner animal......Alice's inner warewolf!! Lol!! Too funny!
I totally love my sisters...thanks so much ladies for making the night so much fun!! :)
Now, Eclipse in June and Breaking Dawn in November!! Can't wait!

Us @ Chili's, getting our grub on!

Me & Tina... showing off our TEAM JACOB pins....

Mua & Alice
Us w/ Jacob & Edward.....


Melissa said...

I am excited to see the movie. I am going tonight. I keep reading that everyone is changing sides and favoring Jacob now. I hear that Edwards abs were painted on. Tacky if you ask me.
Looks like you had a great time with your sisters. They look like a fun bunch.
I am so sorry to hear about Ma. I was in tears reading that post. I hope and pray that all goes well for her. That when it is her time she will go peacefully. What a sad yet sweet experience for your family. It is so hard to lose a loved one like that. Especially when they are so close to you. Your boys sure are sweet and she is in such good hands.
Monica, you look awesome for only having one more month left. Horraayyy! I can't wait to see what she looks like. She is going to be the prettiest little babe.
Hey by the way, I need your home address so we can send you a christmas card.
Love ya!

Fiona and Hoko Tuakoi said...

Love this post!! I don't know how I missed it!! Love you & all your sisters!! You guys ROCK!! Let's all plan 2 go see Eclipse 2gether in June!! That would be so much FUN! :D