"Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children and others throughout the generations. Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events." --President Spencer W. Kimball

November 12, 2009

Love this Time of Year!!!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.... not only because the holidays are coming up, but because it's a very special time for our little family! The celebrating for us starts @ the end of October and continues until the New Year hits!

October 28th: Monica's Birthday
November 2nd: Our Anniversary
November 11th: Ova's Birthday
November 26th: Thanksgiving
November 27th: Black Friday (a day to celebrate the sales) :)
December 25th: Christmas
Sometime at the end of December Baby Lautala will join our family!!!
January 1st: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Ova always does something nice for me on my birthday... even though we're broke most of the time, we always seem to find something to do to celebrate each other. He usually writes me a note...which I LOVE more than anything.... I don't really care about materialistic things but being able to read what he's feeling and save it to read later down the road is priceless! That, and spending my special day with my little family...what can get better than that? This year, I had to work on my birthday.... which he wasn't too happy about. But at least I got off early! I got home and he told me to hurry and change, that we were going out. His plans didn't include our boys, so we made sure they had dinner and left them with Grandma Tea. We didn't do anything extraordinary, just dinner and a movie... but it was quality time for us, and I love it cause even after 7 years I just can't get enough of him! He wanted to take me to Rodizzos or Tepanyaki, but I opted to go to Chili's.... I'm easy to please, don't have to spend millions of dollars especially since Chili's has their AWESOME 2 for $20 deal. We both really enjoyed our meal, so it turned out really nice! Funny thing is that you get a FREE dessert at Chili's on your birthday....so me, being cleaver (and a fatso) asked the waiter... "Today is my birthday...We are going to do the 2 for $20 deal, which I know includes a dessert, but since it's my birthday, can I have 2 desserts?? The waiter totally laughed at me and said "of course" so Ova and I got to eat the moulton lava cake & the white chocolate lava cake!! YUMMY!! We went and watched Couple's Retreat... which was totally lame, but I had a great birthday.... Ova always takes good care of me!

On our Anniversary, it was pretty much the same thing....we went out to dinner and then we Red Boxed it and watched movies all night. I can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun.... 7 years since we knelt over the alter together and became an eternal family and it feels like it was yesterday. 7 years, 3 kids.....eternity more to go!

On Ova's birthday, he had to work all day from 7am-730pm.... but it was fine because it gave me and the boys time to get his gifts ready for him! I took the day off work to DEEP CLEAN our house... Ova gets irritated with my pack rat/clutter style and has asked me so many times to get rid of some of the stuff I have kept but haven't used in years. Since it was his special day, I thought I'd give him what he wanted. I had to give myself a little prep talk that if I haven't used or worn it since we've lived in this house (which is 2 years) then I was going to get rid of it. To tell you the truth, I had a hard time getting rid of some of the junk I had.... I pulled all the clothes out of the closet and stacked them on the bed. I sorted them into piles of things we've worn since we've lived here and things I haven't. Sad to say the haven't pile was WAY taller than the have pile. But it's all good because my cousin Leka is sending a box to Tonga next week, and we have a HUGE donation for her! After the house was clean, Filimone and I went and picked up Makai from school and then headed to get a few birthday gifts for Daddy. He's had his eye on this white fitted UTAH UTES hat for a while, so we went to get him that, and a wallet. The whole time driving I was giving my boys a pep talk about not telling him what the gifts were, that they were a surprise. I quizzed them several times and they both passed with flying colors saying they were not going to say anything because it was a surprise... but that didn't go over so well when they saw their dad. Ova got home from work and right when he opened the door, Mone yelled "we got you a Utah hat Dad" I swear I could have slapped him....Ova was good about it pretending he didn't hear....that was until Mone said it about 10 more times (my evil eye of I'm going to smack you didn't seem to phase him) Since that part of the surprise was ruined, I told Makai to come over and get the other gift and give it to his dad. Makai, being just as bad as Mone, walked over to Ova and said "we got you a wallet...oh yeah!" and then handed him the present to open. I just shook my head and Ova and I laughed about it.... I guess that's my bad for asking them to keep a secret! :) Ova has been on this Sushi kick lately, where that's the only thing he wants to eat..... Sushi is so not my thing, but since it was his special day, we took him to Simply Sushi and he ate way too much! It was another successful family-fun day!

Now that the birthdays and anniversaries are past....we are getting into the wonderful Holiday Season... Next up is Thanksgiving... a time to reflect on all the many things that we are thankful for! I, for one am thankful for my family......both immediate and extended.... for the gospel in our lives that bless us and bring us so much happiness when we're obedient.... for great friends.... for our jobs....for good health....for our house/vehicles.....and the list goes on and on!



Too cute Mon......I tried to get my girls to keep my hubbys gift a secret same thing happened lol poor kids they try so hard but must be the excitement or something LOL!!! What fun events!!!Congrats on 7yrs heres to MANY MANY MORE love u guys

Siu said...

Awww.. What a fun time of the year! Tell Ova we said Happy late birthday!!! Can't wait to see the baby @ the end of this month!!! :) Sorry I couldn't make it to the shower.


wow sounds like a busy busy month(s) for you guys! Isn't it nice when simple things are what matter most! And you feel completely fine. I love reading your blogs :) You and your husband are so cute. P.S.
ooooh I so would've smacked my kids for telling!! hahaha too funny!