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November 9, 2009

Halloween 2009

We LOVE Halloween!!! This year was just as fun as every other year, with the traditional pumpkin carving....homemade pumpkin pies, and neighborhood trick-or-treating! Since Makai is old enough this year to pick his own costume, we asked him what he wanted to be...he wanted to be a Monster.... a bloody scary monster..... I still want him to be something cute, so I was trying to compromise with him and asked him if he wanted to be Frankenstein... he was totally excited and said YES!!! (That is until he saw me looking for 'cute' Frankenstein costumes online) He totally busted me and said "Mama, you can make Mone cute...I want to be a scary monster" I won't lie, it made me a little sad....knowing that my baby is growing out of the "cute" costume stage, but now my mission was to find his Frankenstein costume...and to try and keep it cheap!!! Ova and I went to several different costume stores, including Spirit (which is supposed to be THE Halloween store, and they had nothing Frankenstein in the store.... nothing at all, and when I asked the lady, she actually said.. "I don't think we carry anything Frankenstein".... what the heck? The Halloween store doesn't carry Frankenstein, one of the originals of Halloween....I told Ova that we were going to have to get creative this year..... and I think we did a pretty good job!!

We went to the D.I. and bought a black jacket, pants, and boots.... total for all 3 was $7.00
Then we headed to WalMart and bought white tights, green paint, 2 plastic toy screws and black fingernail polish...total for these things was $5.00
Luckily at our last stop, we found a frankenstein mask for $3.00 (The mask was supposed to be one size fits all, but it was WAY too big for his little head....I wanted to just paint his face, but Ova wanted to do the mask thing)
So, for his entire costume, we spent about $15.00

I cut up the black jacket and pants from the D.I. so it looked all raggedy and torn.... I painted the white tights green (to keep his legs warm).... I painted his fingernails black, and his arms and neck green. Glued the screws to a peice of ribbon and tied it around his neck... Added the mask...and he looked awesome!!! We were very happy with the turn out....and now we can pass it on to anyone who wants to be Frankenstein next year.....

Filimone..... got to do the hand-me-down thing AGAIN this year.... but he sure made a cute BUFF Spiderman!!

One of our most Favorite things about Halloween is the pumpkin carving and the home-made pumpkin pies we get from our freshly carved pumpkins.... This year we bought 5 HUGE pumpkins from Winco.... (123 lbs. of pumpkin for only $6.98)
Ova and the boys do the carving and then I make the pumpkin pies.... it's a family tradition that we just love, love, love!!! After we pick which designs we want to do, Ova scrapes all the meat from the inside of the pumpkin.... I boil them and get started on the pies while he does the finishing details of the pumpkin carving.
I did, however carve 1 of the pumpkins.... here's the one I did, with my little Mone Pone: I thought the image looked uneven, so I got creative and added the big WELCOME at the top of the haunted house.... here are the first pumpkins we did.... Didn't Ova do an awesome job w/ the wolves?? They totally look so much better lit-up at night than they do in the daytime!!
Here are the rest of the pumpkins when we were completely finished.... the daytime pictures just didn't do the pumpkins any justice, but the nighttime ones are all lit up and cool lookin'

And of course a shot of my home-made pumpkin pies:

Hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

I looooooooove your pumpkin pie! making some for myself...thanks for the recipie!

Those pumpkins look off the hook by the way! :D Next year we are carving for sure!

Gleaves Family said...

Your pies are awesome and I love the pumpkins! Makai's costume turned out sooo good! I think he was a "cute" Frankenstein (but don't tell him that :) Glad you guys had fun! HAPPY (late) HALLOWEEN!