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January 8, 2013

My Tala girl is 3!!!

My little princess is 3 years old!  I can't believe it's been 3 years since she was born....time is flying by!  She's so super smart for her age.....like really really smart!  People don't realize that until today she was only 2 years old, because she talks and acts like a teenager already LOL.  She can carry on full on conversations with adults and she has a very sarcastic and bossy personality.  She sure is one of a kind and we sure do love her!

Let me give you an example of her little personality.......we were all sitting around the living room the other night.....Mone and Makai were taking a shower......Ova and I were watching tv.....baby Katea was crawling around and Tala was playing on her tablet.  Mone comes out of the shower and starts playing with my wallet.....that's one of my biggest pet peeves because he takes everything out and not everything gets put back in, so when I'm at the store and I really need my card or a coupon or something I can't ever find it.  So I start yelling at Mone to quit touching my wallet.  After I get everything picked up and put back where they go, and Mone puts his pajama's on, I tell him to go get the pick so I can comb his hair..........keep in mind that Tala is on the other side of the living room playing on her tablet, not having anything to do with us.  All the sudden, without even looking up or stopping what she's doing, she says "Mom, you should comb Mone's hair really really hard because he touched your wallet"......it totally caught me and Ova off guard and we both started laughing.  She's such a little kafi LOL

Anyways.....she turned 3 today on January 8th, 2013!!!

This is my long weekend at work, so we didn't get to do anything really big for her birthday, but we got her a cake and some treats and we ordered pizza for dinner and Gramma Tea bought her a gift.....so we had a quick little celebration before I left.
Her Red Velvet Birthday Cake was so delicious!
My little princess....3 years old!
Smiling with her mouth full of pizza
Gramma Tea bought her some pretty princess shoes...she thought she was so cool!
Sad to say that we've never had an actual birthday party for our oldest princess.....it's not because we haven't wanted to, it's just because things keep coming up :(  When she turned 1, we were in Hawaii for Uncle Ula's funeral.  When she turned 2, it was crazy because baby Katea was in the hospital..........so I'm going to throw her the Princess Birthday party that she's been asking me for forever.  It probably won't be until next month, but she will get her birthday party.....that's a promise....better late than never!
I love you so much Lautala.....you're so beautiful and smart and you bring so much happiness into our home and family! 

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sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tala! She's so pretty, and her spitfire personality reminds me of my daughter. It must be a girl thing. Hahaha